May 23, 2022

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The third wave was “worse than the first,” the health director said

The third wave was "worse than the first," the health director said

France officially crossed the threshold of 100,000 deaths this Thursday, April 15, from Kovid-19. More than a year into the opening Health crisis Infectious lives continue to be punctuated, especially in the hospital world.

Renato is the medical director for the crisis at Beckler Hospital in the town of Clamart in the suburbs. Parisian. His character? “The role of the interface between government hospital management and professionals in this field”, he explained at the microphone RTL. A function to “make it possible to reject and receive suggestions and report logistical or human resources issues”.

When asked about the current status of the infection, Renato Fior said that according to the estimates of his epidemiologist, “The phase of decline is in sight”, So it states “the beginning of this descent.”

However, he pointed out the special difficulties that medical teams will face in the spring of 2021: “Last year (…), there were only patients infected with the virus in hospitals,” The rest became desolate. Today, we look after patients suffering from Kovid and others. If we continue on this path, It is no longer a crisis medicine potion, but a disaster medicine potion to be made“.

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