May 17, 2022

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Eric Stall is not Corey Perry

Eric Stall is not Corey Perry

Let’s face it right away: Canadian Buffalo didn’t get another Corey Perry when he picked up Eric Stall from Sabers. The center player is slow to feel his presence and most of the time replaces the more fiery young athlete. I have to admit that this tendency for teams to continue to trust veterans towards the end of their careers has started to bother me royally.

Due to expiration reasons, this column was written before the end of last night’s game between the Canadian and the Flames. But that doesn’t change my opinion.

Prior to yesterday’s game, Stall had scored one goal in six games in Montreal and had a rating of -7. In Buffalo, with the dying team, it seems clear that Stall did not make all the necessary efforts and it shows.

Meanwhile, Jake Evans, who has been playing harder and harder every time he has been used for the past few weeks, often has to cross his line.

As in Toronto

Canadian tried his luck with Corey Perry and we have to accept that it works. But that doesn’t mean that every veteran who is declining will get a second wind.

Yet teams continue to tear them apart from all corners of the NHL. In Toronto, signed by Joe Thornton, Jason Spezza and Wayne Simmonds.

After trying three with Aston Matthews and Mitch Morner, Thornton was eventually sent to a more supportive role.

However, it is not uncommon for coach Sheldon Keefe to put him in a match with his two young offensive stars.

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All of the coaches do this.

On the other hand, ask Matthews and Marner if they would like to play with Thornton or with Alex Galchenyuk or Jack Hyman. You can answer.


I know my opinion is not popular, but I totally agree with it. I have a strong opinion that teams believe that even if he slows down because a player is alive or he has won in his career, he will make a big impact with the team.

I want to tell you why Eric Stall won the Stanley Cup in 2006? Yes, because he’s definitely a winner, but most of all … because he’s been good in 2006!

These veterans are no different from other athletes in the world – they are proud. For the majority, if not all of these, they still believe that despite their age they can produce earlier.

Often, they use the excuse that there is no ice time, which really allows them to demonstrate. Their experience and presence also gives them respect in coaches. They often know how to find the right words to convince good sellers and coaches to use them.

Leadership and talent

Meanwhile, we seem to have forgotten what it takes to win: talent.

Yes, leadership is important. But a team does not have to have 20 leaders in their organization to win the Stanley Cup. It takes a good one or two and the coaching staff will take care of the rest.

It’s not so easy to say he’s playing less than a seasoned veteran. I know, I’ve already benched Marcel Dionne and Guy Laughlor full time with the New York Rangers. I can tell you one thing, I felt small in my shoes, but I had no choice but to do it. For the good of the team.

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Team management should be like this: The best players play regardless of their age or status.

Not so easy.

– Interview with Kevin Dubey

Echoes of Bergie

Who are they

One evening, we had the impression that the Canadian was back up. The same thing happened last Monday. The other night, we see a flat and demotivated team as against Wednesday against the Calgary Flames. But who is the real Montreal Canadian? How can you explain that the team was so confident against the mighty Toronto Maple Leafs and then collapsed on the flames? I believe Mark Bergevin is not satisfied at the moment. We continue to appreciate the depth of the team and its role due to the additions made last season. However, very often, we do not see the effect. As a good coach, Dominic Ducharm tries his best not to burn in front of the media. After all, he doesn’t like to alienate anyone because he’s playing his part.

Cofield, this is coming

The Canadian finally remembered Cole Coffeefield. For now, he is on the reserve list and let’s see what happens next. One thing is for sure, he is getting closer and remembering him is a sign that he is part of the discussions in the organization. The coaching staff will have the opportunity to see him in training every day and at some point will decide for himself. I think young Maverick can make his NHL debut faster than you think, and it depends on the team results. If the Canadian offers mixed performances, we can include him in training to stir up the soup. One thing is for sure, the Hobbs need to get back to their identity, the fastest team, and the same as what Cofield brings.

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I could not believe it!

Those who heard me on TVA Sports‌ after the announcement of the deal to move Anthony Manta from the Detroit Red Wings to the Washington capitals, know that I am not at peace yet! I do not understand why the Canadians did not do everything to get their hands on the Quebec Maverick. You have two chances to get your hands on a 6’5 ”, 235 pound striker from La Belle Province! In QMJHL, I fell in love with Manta’s style of play from the first time I saw him playing in a game between Wall-d’Or Forces and Shavignon cataracts. He will be successful in Washington, I have no doubt.