May 29, 2022

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Gaming | Gaming: See you on July 16 for F1 2021

Gaming |  Gaming: See you on July 16 for F1 2021

F1 fans will have to wait a few more weeks before gas runs out on the most prestigious circuits in the world. And the official Formula 1 game is getting even bigger this year. Last February, I spent a second buying electronic masters code masters, which allows the saga to take a step forward, certainly on a visual level.

F1 2021 So July 16th PS5, Xbox Series X | Available on S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A few days before the (real) Imola Grand Prix, Electronic Arts announced this with a trailer.

Strangely enough, “Story” mode has been completely revised and renamed to “Breaking Point”. If we trust the teaser, it will allow you to lead. “A star life on and off track“, But still very secretive.”Breaking Point ‘ An exciting discovery that has been going on for years. We are proud to expand the gaming experience and allow players to experience the ups and downs of Formula 1 life on and off track., Says Lee Mather of Code Masters. ‘Breaking Point’ Transforms the game and puts players in the middle of a great racing scene on the planet.

The latest installment in the saga also offers the possibility of a two-player career mode whether in collaboration or competing with your friends. “Everyone can activate the help they want: so you can take full advantage of this new mode, whether regular or new.“, Details Electronic Arts.

The Rea-Season Startup tool allows gamers to start the game anytime during the season. Thus players will be able to start a career with real-time drivers and manufacturer rankings. For the rest of the game, the drivers’ ratings are not yet known but should not really change compared to the 2020 Opus. Lewis Hamilton is clearly a more skilled driver. Three new circuits, Portimo, Imola and Jeddah, should also be able to play.

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All new game modes, more sophisticated online format, new editor … all the ingredients for the thrilling F1 season for gamers.