May 23, 2022

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Hit with COVID-19, Phoenix marker found lifeless | Sports | Gallery

Hit with COVID-19, Phoenix marker found lifeless |  Sports |  Gallery

TheGosselin wore many hats in the sports world of the region. For many years he was Vice President of the Novis-O-Rama Tournament, Governor of Sherbrook Jr. AA Expos, responsible for scorers in the hockey field and radio host of a sports program on CFLX Community Radio.

“Steve started some projects,” said his best friend Sebastian Goulette, who is a host and descriptor at TVA Sports. He always made sure to get involved in activities he loved and he loved sports. I spent a lot of time with him between the two penalty benches, especially when he hosted the Sherbrook Falcons and Coasters games, but also at the classic Piff Hut. He was very generous with his time and I have fond memories of my friend Steve. “

Steve Gosselin’s last appearance at Palais des Sports‌ during QMJHL’s protected environment during the last two events. Steve Gosselin, who was a marker between two penalty benches but a minor officer on the catwalk, among other things, was the marker during the game between the Blaineville-Boisebriand Armada and the Gatino Olympics on Friday, April 2nd. Last exhibited at Palais des Sports‌.

A few days later, QMJHL confirmed 24 positive results at the Olympics organization among athletes and staff, as well as two cases with Armada.

“Steve was very tired for a few days, explained his best friend Robert Legalt. After Easter weekend, he tested positive for COVID-19 and tested positive last Monday. I learned that his mother was trying to contact him on the phone on Saturday morning and he did not answer. He died in his sleep. Found in his apartment. “

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