March 21, 2023

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A restaurant aimed at anti-Asian comments

A restaurant aimed at anti-Asian comments

In the wake of the epidemic racist incidents have increased in Quebec in recent weeks and regularly target citizens of Asian descent, especially in restaurants.

Employees at a breakfast restaurant in the Quebec City area were subjected to racist comments on Saturday after a customer placed their take-order order and finally added a racist comment.

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“Hello my little pangolins, I wish you a sunny day in your collective hearts because the outside is as gray as my soul. Be careful if you take bats, I do not have another pandemic emerging from Hello yet! My cocoa, it hurts your reputation. Ask Wuhan ”, is it possible to read in the order form.

Then the restaurant employees refused to place an order. After calling back to inquire about the delivery time the customer finally decided to move to another restaurant.

The restaurant owner said she was shocked to receive such a message from one of her customers.

She arrived in Montreal 37 years ago and has been in Quebec for the past six years. All of its dogs are also immigrants.

“I’m a little saddened by what happened, because we all live at a time, especially when it’s hard to get to retailers. In catering, we’m mostly affected. Here, I lost at least 90% of my sales,” said Bao-Ngok Nguyen, owner of the alley restaurant! Cocoa.

The customer apologized

The skeptical client eventually explained that it was a very bad joke and that he was unaware of such consequences.

“It’s like a kick in my face and I felt so bad. It’s not my intention. I do not know who will work there and my joke will not address anyone,” he told TVA Novelles.

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