July 4, 2022

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Municipal elections in Quebec: chair for five | Capital | News | The sun

Municipal elections in Quebec: chair for five |  Capital |  News |  The sun

The new party was also successful in electing Stevens Melanion in the neighboring district of Chute-Montmornce-Signial. However, before leaving politics, the seat was occupied by Executive Committee Vice President Julie Lemieux, which was expected to be taken over by Equip Labum.

In 2018, the district, which hosted the Quebec 21 third candidate in Newchotel-Leborgnew, easily won last year with the mayor’s right-hand man Jonathan Julian with 55% of the vote. They later left Equip Labum in the spring to sit independently after a dispute with the mayor, who was later elected deputy the same year with Coalition d’Venir Quebec.

His successor, advisor Patrick Pocket, was a member of Team Laboom before leaving the party in 2012 and sitting independently. For Mr. Pocket, it came back into politics in 2013 after being defeated by the same Jonathan Julian.

Councilors Gosselin, Melancon and Pocket will have general elections in the fall. The party confirms that it has held talks with several potential candidates and some of them will be known by the summer.

Get out alone

Democracy Quebec is the oldest party represented on the Municipal Council, after Team LaBeouf. He will run in the third election next November. The current chief is the only elected councilor, Jean Rousseau, the Cop-Aux-Diamonds district representative.

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