May 18, 2022

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Ontario | Singh called on Trudeau to enforce the Emergency Measures Act

Ontario |  Singh called on Trudeau to enforce the Emergency Measures Act

(Toronto) Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh calls on Justin Trudeau Federal Law on Emergency Measures, Gave a terrible perspective for the pandemic in Ontario.

The Canadian Press

Singh said in a letter to the Prime Minister that such a statement would help in more coordinated delivery of vaccines to those in dire need across the country.

The NDP leader opined that taking paid sick leave and allocating time for vaccinations would also help workers prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In Toronto, Singh noted that affluent neighbors have higher vaccination rates than those in neighborhoods with ethnic and working-class people – but areas with high levels of COVID positivity – 19.

Photo by Adrian Wilde, Canadian Press

Jagmeet Singh

More than 4,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Ontario on Monday, along with another 19 deaths. There were 755 people in intensive care on Monday, including 516 on the ventilator.

Of the 4,447 new cases registered on Monday, 1,299 were in Toronto, 926 in its inner suburbs and 577 in York. There were 233 cases in Ottawa and 227 in Hamilton. This data is based on approximately 42,900 tests.

The Ministry of Health reported that 2,202 people were hospitalized, while more than 10% of hospitals reported not disclosing their data. Ontario says it has delivered 66,897 doses in one vaccine since Sunday’s report, with a total of 3,904,778 doses distributed so far.

Back to school … but virtual

Meanwhile, students across the province returned to “Virtual Class” on Monday after a month-long adjournment. Amid the intensity of the third wave in that province, the government announced last week that it was switching to distance education.

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The government has announced a series of new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, including restricting inter-provincial travel. There have been checkpoints at the Quebec and Manitoba borders since Monday: only those who come to Ontario are now authorized to work, medical care, transport goods and exercise their domestic contract rights. To spend.

Despite the backlash over other measures announced at the same time on Friday, the Dougford government remained steadfast over the move over the weekend.

The Prime Minister on Saturday rescinded the decision to close the playgrounds in the wake of a quick response from parents and public health experts. They argue that this action is unlikely to curb the spread of COVID-19 because evidence suggests that most transmissions take place indoors.

The Ford government also quickly rescinded new police powers granted the day before Saturday. During a stay-at-home order, police can no longer stop a pedestrian or driver from asking for his personal address and the reason he is outside. Before questioning him, the police must have “reason to suspect” that a citizen has left to attend an organized public event or social gathering.