May 17, 2022

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Sport. A large gaming center will soon open in Paris

Sport.  A large gaming center will soon open in Paris

We know him as the former president of PSG or the former leader of the M6 ​​channel, but now Robin Leprox is starting gaming. Presenting itself as the largest physical “gaming” center in Europe, its Spot Center will soon see daylight.

Located in the heart of Paris, the Rs 2,000 revolver has a control room on the 2000m2 site, a 150-seat arena, or a studio with 100 pcs and 40 game consoles, already used by professional customers (“B2B”).

“The work is done”

Robin Leprox assures the public that “the work is done” and waits only for the green light to open to the public: “We will do it when health officials authorize us”.

3 The most innovative role should be in the general public. We can make birthday snacks for kids, both “retrogaming” and sport competitions, “he said, adding that he has been passionate about the world of video games for over 20 years.

If the project now moves to Paris, it hopes to export it to other major European cities. “Let’s wait and see how our opening will be to the general public before announcing our openings in other European capitals,” Mr. Leprox said.

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