December 3, 2022

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The controversial Trump pro-elected official has embarrassed Republican leaders

The controversial Trump pro-elected official has embarrassed Republican leaders

U.S. Congressional Republican leaders on Monday sought to seize momentum in the party of pro-Trump and anti-immigration media elected officials, Marjorie Taylor Green, who upholds “America first” values.

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The controversy stemmed from the publication of a draft program to create a new group of elected members of Congress identified with the slogan “America First Caucus” as a symbol of Donald Trump’s mandate.

“America is a bordering country, and a culture reinforced by a general respect for Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” it wrote in a document posted Friday by journalists from the political newspaper Punchball News.

“Further restricting immigration will allow American jobs to go to American workers,” the program reads.

Marjorie Taylor Green, who has represented the state of Georgia in the House of Representatives since January, was granted in February for controversial remarks, especially calling for the implementation of her past support for the ideology of the QAnon conspiracy movement and her statements. Democratic leaders.

She said in a press release on Saturday that she had never seen the proposed program “developed by an external group”. A spokesman for CNN said this weekend that the “America First” group was about to launch.

“I believe in America with all my heart in the first place and that means all Americans, all races, religions and colors,” she wrote in a statement.

But another pro-Trump official, Matt Gates, said on Friday that he was proud to join the “America First” group, retweeting an article in which he defended “Anglo-Saxon traditions.”

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Anxiety over regaining a majority in 2022 has only elicited the hope of such a group over House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy.

He tweeted that the Republican Party “gives more opportunity to all Americans” and that “just hidden nationalist messages” have no place there.

Another sign of conflict within the party, former Republican Speaker John Bohner ruled on Sunday that creating the “America First” group was the “dumb thing” he saw.

“And Republicans should condemn this,” he told NBC.

Donald Trump is very popular with Republican voters.