March 24, 2023

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Want to go back to Vegas for Celine Dion?

Want to go back to Vegas for Celine Dion?

Is Celine Dion re-announcing her residence in Las Vegas?

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That was the question on the lips of all her fans after the Quebec singer posted a short video clip on her social networks on Monday.

In this video, the artist recalls the visual identity of the Vice City in the middle of a life-size pinball table.

“A little taste before the amazing announcement on April 21st. Must continue! “We can read below the publication.

COVID-19 pandemic responsibilities, the European part of his “courage” tour was put on hold. But in March, Celine Dion hoped to return to the scene quickly without giving vaccine progress worldwide.

“Vaccines are coming, so I promise we will make up for the time we lost. Be careful, I missed you so much. I love you. See you soon,” she said in a video shared on Twitter.

The singer last performed on the Colosseum boards at Caesars Palace 16 years later, on June 8, 2019, in Las Vegas. She then took to the road across North America for her “courage” tour.

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