July 4, 2022

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Work on the Pierre-Laport Bridge Failed: Million 2 Million to Fix MTQ Error

Work on the Pierre-Laport Bridge Failed: Million 2 Million to Fix MTQ Error

MTQ is expected to expand to about 2 million this summer, to correct its 2014 error and to completely redo the asphalt on the Pierre-Laport Bridge, which is coming into the cakes by installing an inadequate layer.

At that time, the Ministry of Transport felt that the waterproofing layer was the right choice, but the following year the phenomenon of “alopecia areata” appeared.

Over the years huge potholes have formed on the road and have angered many motorists, sometimes making their driving dangerous. In 2019, the Minister of Transport, Franకోois Bonnardell, admitted that MTQ had “lost its mark”. We do not know then how much it will cost to rectify the situation.

The coating is already showing signs of worrying in 2018.

Photo by Archives, Stevens LeBlanc

The coating is already showing signs of worrying in 2018.

Temporary patching work was done to secure the bridge, but this time it was time for bigger work. Seven years later, everything will be back to zero, and motorists using the bridge will have to patiently take their problems once again this summer.

Two Intensive Works Blitz closes four of the six lanes each time. They will be held in July and August.

Agree with the same contractor

Our investigative office learned that MTQ will be handing over the work of repairing the broken pots to the same contractor in 2014.

“It’s not the entrepreneur. It’s really the membrane [imposée à l’époque par le MTQ dans le devis] This is not correct. There are many aspects to this, but it’s not the job of the entrepreneur involved, ”MTQ spokesman Nicholas Vignelt assured.

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Stellar Construction, from Saint-Augustine-de-Desmores, has just called for tenders and won a $ 10.2 million contract, which includes a number of related works on the Pierre Bridge, including asphalt work. -As on Laport and another bridge overpass Route 132 in Lewis near Laport Bridge.

According to MTQ estimates, part of the contract for the installation of the new waterproofing layer and new asphalt is estimated at about $ 2 million.

The “more efficient” layer

This time, MTQ believes that the new liquid polymeric layer will do the job, the bitumen will adhere to it and the work will be more durable.

“The layer works much more efficiently than it used in 2014. It’s not a single layer,” Mr Vignelt said.

Why did you not choose this layer at that time?

“It is a product that is very little known and used during the work of the ministry, which means that the teams chose to choose bituminous layers, with which they used to work. […] The selection was made at that time based on the knowledge we have, ”the MTQ spokesperson replied.

“On a suspension bridge, you can’t keep the asphalt thickness on the road, it’s a question of weight,” he explained. But this time, with a new layer and a new working method, we believe it will stand. “

Prior to 2014, the previous major paving operation on the Pierre-Laport Bridge took place 19 years ago, in 1995.

2 stages of work

  • June 26 to July 15
  • August 3 to August 20
  • During each of these periods, there will be 24 hours of intensive work blitz, resulting in 4 closures in 6 lanes (maximum 10 days in a row).
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Things to do

  • Removal and replacement of asphalt
  • Installation of new waterproofing layer
  • Slab repair on bridge

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