May 25, 2022

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Droin “should get his nose dirty”

Droin "should get his nose dirty"

Supporters may blame Jonathan Drouin for being the source of Egypt’s ten plagues, and they cannot blame him for not having the courage to storm.

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By the third week, the Quebec striker (one of the two formed) was engaged in an autoflagellation session.

Unlike the captain who refused to admit that he had lost too much, Drouin admitted that he still had much to do to help the Canadian, whose attack was furious for ten games.

“We have to get our noses dirty and create circulation. I also like to find a place in front of the net,” he said, echoing all his opponents’ criticisms of him, not without reason.

“It simply came to our notice then. Playing in the NHL is not that easy. We’re here, so we know it. The enemy will make your life harder. But you have to fight, go through. To me, that means your nose is dirty. ”

They believe that Drouin will continue to receive Dominic Ducharm’s unconditional dismissal due to the services rendered, while the former played with the Halifax Mooseheads under the second order in the junior ranks.

Apparently, it is. Especially when you criticize his game terribly, he likes to include his flaws in the team.

“Going into the net is something Joe has to do very often,” he admitted before continuing.

“But, there were stripes in my mind where the goalkeeper had opportunities for him, but it didn’t work. The puck didn’t come either, the leap came in the wrong direction. But we need to give more opportunities here. It is good for him, good for others. ”

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On the fourth trio

However, we have to see that the coach refused to add a layer knowing that there were already too many of them to persevere in the case of his attacker. If he does not help him, who will?

However, on the left side of Ducharm Eric Stahl and Corey Perry, it was decided to reduce the draw to the fourth unit.

“He’s going to play with two experienced guys who can create a lot of crime. We are looking for a way to have four lines of affiliation,” the Canadians head coach explained.

Apparently, Ducharm wants to restore Droin, who has collected only two assists in his last 12 games. This does not prevent the main interested party from understanding that getting out of poverty begins with self-involvement.

“These are two players with experience,” Droin said. The two guys who won the Stanley Cup. No matter what line I am on, playing hockey is my part. I’m not 19 or 20 now, I can play with anyone. The onus is on me to prove it. “

“Another column on the right”

Droin dropped in the fourth unit, which did not prevent him from positioning himself on one of the two waves of power play.

This massive attack has scored only two goals on 33 occasions (6%) in the last 12 games.

“It’s very difficult for us to get into the opponent’s zone, stay there and keep control over the puck. In a power play, all you need is to at least create something good for the team. Right now, a massive attack can sometimes ruin what we do against five.”

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It has nothing to do with production.

Drouin has scored just two goals since the start of the season, the most he has failed to score in the last 25 games. Of course, this is clearly not enough for the striker, from whom we expected, at least, twenty goals per season.

Despite his problems finding the back of the net, he is fifth on the Canadians’ score with 23 points. This caused him to tell an English-speaking colleague, pointing out his 25-game drought: “There’s another column on the right. [celle des passes] If you want to take a look. “