May 21, 2022

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Health Transfers | Quebec’s grievances go to Ottawa

Health Transfers |  Quebec's grievances go to Ottawa

(Ottawa) Quebec complaints that health transfers are not increasing in the federal budget have led to Ottawa.

Catherine Levsk
The Canadian Press

On Tuesday, the Black Cubacois federal government introduced a motion to approve a budget to demand an increase in transfers so that they would bear 35% of the total health costs of the states and territories.

“The door is open for the government to get the Black Cubacois vote in this budget,” Black leader Yves-Franకోois Blanchett told the House of Commons this morning.

The Quebec finance minister said the day before that the federal government had decided to “ignore” Quebec’s major request that they be “sustainable, adequate and long-term funds” in health.

“The federal government has just lost a unique opportunity for long-term participation in health, which states and territories have unanimously sought,” Eric Girard lamented in a press release.

The Conservative Party sided with Minister Girard during the first question period after the budget was introduced.

The Quebec finance minister was deeply disappointed by the lack of affordable and unconditionally stable funding for health care. There is no support in the health budget in the middle of the third wave, ”said Chief Erin O’Toole.

“This is a complete lie! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has defended himself.

“The reality is that billions of dollars have been transferred to provinces and territories for the health care system to help with this epidemic, and we continue to transfer an additional four billion dollars to states in this budget,” he said.

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Mr Trudeau recalled that his government was committed “in the long run” to increasing health transfers.

In the city of Quebec, Premier Franకోois Legalt finds it very difficult to hide his anger at the federal government’s habit of attaching circumstances with money.

“Clearly, we want to centralize this bad habit of Justin Trudeau and continue to condemn playing dads with the provinces,” he said, adding that the debate on national standards in the CHSLDs would be postponed to next year.

Voting on the Black Submandment, which calls for more financial aid for seniors 65 and older, will take place at the end of Wednesday. Neither the Conservative Party nor the New Democratic Party has pledged to vote in favor.

If the block’s sub – mandate is approved, it will change the Conservative Party’s budget amendment, which will accelerate the country’s immunity plan and focus on “policies that create jobs and boost economic growth”.

The Trudeau government budget is put to a vote of confidence and in a minority situation, at least one opposition party must vote in favor of approving it.

Otherwise, the government will fall and the country will sink into elections this spring.

The Liberals have already given black signals that they are ready to vote against the budget if their demands are not met. Conservatives are more problematic; They declined to say whether they would vote for or against the budget in its current form.

That’s not to say the New Democrats will “vote” for the budget. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been content with hammering home since Monday that he would do nothing to provoke an election campaign amid an epidemic.

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