May 25, 2022

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The first indigenous dramatic fiction in Radio-Canada

The first indigenous dramatic fiction in Radio-Canada

Filmed from the fall of Algonquin Territory with the support of Kitigan GB’s Anichinabe community, the series traces the story of two Anichinabe kidnapped from their families in the 60’s, past and present, at a boarding school.

Viewers will follow them throughout their lives, during which time they will try to establish peace with this huge past.

« Flora for you, It’s more than just a dramatic series, it’s not just about culture and language, it’s about reclaiming our place in Canada’s great media and art scene, ”she emphasized after introducing herself in Mohawk. Since her grandfather attended a residential school, it was the language she spoke like her mother.

« Flora for you There is a big step towards our goal of further reflecting the diversity of life experiences of all our citizens in our imagination, ”adds Danny Melol, Executive Director of Radio-Canada Television.

Although inspired by the many testimonies, the series is filmed “in relation to families who are still alive and still living with consequences”, the director directs.

Director Sonia Bonspil Boylow.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Franకోois Villeneuve

The main actors were selected. Vendot Dominic Patin said she was “able to take part in this first major series on the spots of local residential schools in our history and be able to tell by Sonia’s primitive word”.

She plays the role of a woman who is in complete control of her existence, but hides great pain, the main concern being without giving more details.

Marco Collin still remembers the importance of “giving a voice to those who attend these residential schools”. He plays a role with these survivors, He seeks to heal and heal with his past By returning to its culture.

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I do not speak because it is my reality, Picogan’s Anichinabe, Samian, while reading the script.

Because in addition to the reality of those who survived the residential school, it also speaks to the impact it has had on their families, their children and future generations.

“The role I play really fits that reality,” Samian adds, as he discovers most of his life.

15 years ago, I could not imagine that there would be a range of this size on television in Quebec.

A quote from:Samian

These indigenous actors were surrounded by Quebec actors, including Virginie Fortin and Mylene Saint-Saur. The second is that the drama miniseries allows her to educate herself and learn about a little-known part of Canadian history.

There will be a major cast in various indigenous communities during the summer to complete the cast, which will be on par with domestic and non-domestic actors.

“We know that there are pearls in our communities that give us the opportunity to bring to the screen actors and actresses we know little,” Sonia Bonespill wants to make clear to Boyle.

Who plays the role of Flora? Wanting to keep the mystery alive, the director liked to keep the character’s name silent for the moment.

The series will be screened in Anishinabemovin (Ojibwe) for a week with French subtitles.

The six-hour episode, produced by Jason Brennan for NISH Media, will then air in their original French version and in prime time, according to a press release by ICI TOU.TV Extra. Subsequently, Flora for you Displayed on ICI TÉLÉ and APTN Channel.

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