May 22, 2022

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The second dose of the vaccine is available in all CHLSDs by May 8

The second dose of the vaccine is available in all CHLSDs by May 8

To get there, the health minister explains, seniors who receive the first dose of Modarana can get the second with Pfizer’s vaccine.

We are in talks with Public Health and I hope this will be confirmed in the coming hours, as an alternative between Modena and Pfizer we will be able to make up for the lack of a modena that we have less of. Met, Explains Christian Dubey.

As of May 8, all individuals CHSLD Receive their 2nd dose, which allows us to stay on schedule.

A quote from:Christian Dubey, Quebec Minister of Health

Like other provinces, Quebec Decided to choose a duration of 16 weeks Before the 2nd dose to vaccinate as many people as possible with the first dose to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Instead, the recommendations of various vaccine manufacturers call for a second dose 21 days after the first dose is given.

3rd wave CHSLD

When the 3rd wave hit the Capital-National and Chowder-Appalachian regions, COVID-19 outbreak 15 was reported CHSLD. Some experts are calling for a second dose to be given to seniors as soon as possible.

At the University of Montreal’s School of Public Health, Dr. Regin Hebert recalls that the Kovid Action Collective has been asking to advance its vaccination plan already since February. CHSLD.

We alerted the government several weeks ago and unfortunately I fear our prediction will come true. What I am afraid of is that we will find the hicatumb‌ we experienced last year on the same date and I wish it would not happen.

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Dr. Hebert recalled that the immune response was usually weaker in the elderly after the first dose of the vaccine.

In Chaudhary-Appalachians, residents only CHSLD Paul-Gilbert received their two-dose vaccine. In Capitol-National, the ciussu Indicates that there are two residents CHSLD Received their second dose.