June 6, 2023

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Chile | Two vets facing charges of injecting canine coronavirus vaccines

Chile |  Two vets facing charges of injecting canine coronavirus vaccines

(Santiago de Chile) Courts have launched an investigation into two Chilean veterinarians accused of vaccinating at least 75 people against the canine coronavirus in the months leading up to the arrival of vaccines developed for humans, health officials said Tuesday.

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It is learned that these two veterinarians have provided vaccines developed against the canine coronavirus, which is not similar to the virus that caused the Global Kovid-19 pandemic, to the residents of Calama in northern Chile.

Dog vaccines

Health officials who visited a veterinary clinic in the city in September expressed suspicion over workers working without masks. When questioned, they claimed to have been vaccinated by a local veterinarian.

The first COVID-19 vaccines did not reach Chile until a few months later, in December.

The investigation revealed that another veterinarian in the city had given the canine vaccine to other people.

“It’s very dangerous,” Rosanna Diaz, regional health secretary for Antofagasta, told 24 Horace Television.

“There are studies showing that the effects in humans may be local, irritating … or systemic,” she said.

The two cases came to light this week when health officials reported to the courts that health cases had not paid fines.

The Public Health Authority said at least 75 people, including health workers and minors, had received dog vaccines.

Chile has so far vaccinated at least 7.7 million people against the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, with a target population of 15.2 million. There were 1.13 million infections and more than 25,000 deaths in the country.

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