May 20, 2022

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Federal Budget | First vote of confidence on Wednesday

Federal Budget |  First vote of confidence on Wednesday

(Ottawa) The Trudeau government informed opposition parties on Tuesday evening that the vote on the budget changes proposed by the Conservative Party and the Black Quebecois was related to confidence.

Catherine Levsk
The Canadian Press

If they go ahead, they will have the effect of defeating the government between the third wave of COVID-19 and plunging the country into a snap election.

These two votes will take place in the next few hours.

First, the vote on the Black Cubacois subdivision will take place on Wednesday, at the end of the day. Its goal is to force the government to lend a hand on health transfers and to help seniors 65 and older.

The New Democrats have already stated their intentions; Three MPs – Alexander Bouleris, Scott Dowell and Peter Julian – will vote and the rest will vote against the Caucasus.

The Conservatives are due to discuss the issue in the Caucasus on Wednesday morning and have not yet announced their intentions on the block’s deputy.

Liberals, on the other hand, should vote.

Another vote on the Conservative Party amendment will take place late Thursday.

The amendment proposed by the official opposition aims to completely revise the budget to expedite the vaccination campaign and to demonstrate budget policies that stimulate economic growth.

If those votes on the opposition amendments are defeated, the House of Commons will then have to vote on the budget itself. This vote is also confident and should take place on Monday.

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