June 6, 2023

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Ottawa | Police controls on the Quebec border have been relaxed

Ottawa |  Police controls on the Quebec border have been relaxed

(Ottawa) Until 8pm on Tuesday, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) will no longer have a consistent presence at the interprovincial border crossings between Gatino and Ottawa.

The Canadian Press

Instead, the OPS appoints agents on a rotating schedule from checkpoints to all City of Ottawa crossings until the territorial decree expires.

The Ottawa Police Service explained that these operational changes are aimed at improving the health and safety of everyone, reducing delays and losses to passengers and allowing workers in need to arrive safely and securely.

OPS conducts daily assessments of border operations.

As of last Monday, Ottawa police officers were testing motorists who had applied, causing major traffic congestion in the early hours of the morning as bridges from Gatino approached Ottawa.

Controls will therefore be relaxed on the Ontario side of the Champlain, Portage, Chowder and McDonald-Cartier bridges, as well as on the Quian and Borbonnie ferry docks, as well as the Alexandra Bridge.

A person may enter Ontario from Quebec, especially if that person’s main residence is in Ontario, if they go there for their work, if they transport goods in Ontario or through Ontario, for his health or for a humanitarian cause.

With the exception of a driving license, officers are not required to submit documentation.

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