March 25, 2023

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Public Transport: 44,844 million to better serve Quebec suburbs

Public Transport: 44,844 million to better serve Quebec suburbs

According to our information, more than 100 kilometers of reserved lanes will be made along the strategic regional and municipal arteries in Quebec. The initiative is valued at $ 844 million.

No one can say that our investments at the expense of Quebec were favorable to Montreal, Confidently enables the coquist root.

Objective: To improve Significantly The service will be further south, from east to west, on the northern outskirts of Quebec to improve the tramway’s route.

The main promise is also given that the Quebec-Lewis tunnel works will begin before the next election, assuring us behind the scenes.

We will have a clear roadmap for the capital before asking the population to trust us a second time.

A quote from:Coquist origin
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New reserved lanes will be added on the Henry-IV, Robert-Bourassa, Laurentianne and Felix-Leclerc roads.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Four targeted roads

The majestic construction site will have a significant impact on the major motorways in the area. Reserved lanes on the Henry-IV, Robert-Bourassa, Laurentianne and Felix-Leclerc roads will be included.

In Henry-IV, work was planned between Avenue Industrial, Wall-Belire and AutoRout Felix-Leclerc. In Robert-Baurasa, the new reserved lanes will be added to Boulevard Bastian, north of Felix-Leclerc in the Newchatel sector.

The Laurentian Road will be widened between the Rue de la Foune in Saint-Emile and the Rue de la Croix-Rouge in the Saint-Roche district.

To facilitate travel between these three north-south axes, take the MTQ on the Felix-Leclerc road, between Camin du Locke, Saint-Augustine-de-Desmoures, and Avenue Le Gendre. Cap-Rouge, and between the Henry-IV and Robert-Bourassa roads.

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No lane will be withdrawn from motorists. In total, the changes in the motorway network are $ 700 million.

Franకోois Bonnardell at a press conference.

The official announcement of the tramway and suburban service projects in Quebec has been postponed by Franకోois Bonnardell.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussell

Affected Municipal Network

The Legalt government hopes to push its suburban service project further by funding the addition or maintenance of reserved lanes in the municipal network.

Therefore, improvements are planned on Signierial and Clemency streets in Beaufort, as well as on the Pierre-Bertrand Boulevard in the Vanier and LeBorgneauf areas.

The establishment of a reserved lane at Boulevard Forest, proposed by the Labyrinth administration in the wake of the abandonment of Trombus, was also revoked in the Coquist plan.

As this tram no longer runs to Charlesburg, the reserved lane on 1st Avenue now joins the service to the northern suburbs.

The total amount borne by the regional government for the work undertaken on the municipal network is 4,144 million.

What timeline?

At present it is impossible to know the timetable of the Coalition d’Vener Quebec (CAQ) to improve public transport supply in the suburbs.

Work to widen the Henry-IV motorway from 2018 should continue until 2023.

The CAQ Also announced its intention To widen the Laurentian road North side between Boulevard Jean-Talon and Ru de la Foune.

In both cases, the additional lanes are not intended for public transportation. Hence the two sites are different from the upcoming project.

Federal funding

Legalt hopes the government will turn to Ottawa to provide part of its plan to serve the suburbs.

According to our information, an official request has not yet been sent to Infrastructure Canada.

The tramway and suburban service project was inaugurated Postponed to next date There CAQ To focus on government efforts to curb the COVID-19 epidemic.

People want to hear our word, Coquist requests source. Right now, the epidemic is taking place everywhere.

However, the CAQ’s plan did not answer some questions, especially regarding the purchase of buses that will use reserved lanes in the future.

The Capital Transport Network (RTC) is called upon to adopt existing routes or create new ones.

Development of park-and-ride spaces is also required.

Sketch of a tramway project in Quebec.

Quebec City Tramway Project.

Photo: Courtesy of Quebec City

Phase 2 of the tram

At the Coalition d’Vener Quebec for the extension of the tramway, none of the future investments indicate a slight appetite.

Until recently, Mayor LaBeoum talked about the second phase Not permissible.

The federal government has also confirmed its intention to invest $ 15 billion Among the new public transport projects in the country from 2026.

However, CAQ members in the suburbs of Quebec decided in favor of adding reserved lanes, which in their view would be easier to sell to the population.

There is every reason to believe that two-person carpooling will be allowed in the new reserve alleys. Owners of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles should also be allowed to borrow them.

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