May 27, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: The Gamers Charity Marathon kicks off

Pyrenees Gaming: The Gamers Charity Marathon kicks off

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24 hours, 1,440 minutes live, the goal of launching ePhotopolois this Saturday, April 24th during the gaming show, The event will be televised live on Twitch from 12 noon to 11.59 pm (see also below) : “We love to laugh and share. The birth of the gaming show, it all started from there ”, Johan, one of the organizers today, combines video games, solidarity and partnership.

First a voluntary operation

Like a simple thread, this gaming show is an opportunity to show solidarity with the audience – the name given to the audience – through a charitable operation conducted throughout the event. “People are free to give what they want”, assures Johann that the gaming show is completely free.

All donations will be distributed to the Pau Charity Association, which will help people working on the Pau streets every evening. Selection made jointly by the entire project team. “This is a very moving association, we have discussed with them and we know that if we bring back 10 euros or 1000 euros it will be useful in any case,” Johan said.

The donation amount will be updated live and will appear directly from the EfootPalois Twitch channel. Gamers are always ready to assemble an initiative, good purpose, in line with the times. We saw this exclusively last October The fifth edition of Juventus, including the largest French streamer, raised 7 5.7 million. A record.

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To live today, EfootPalois Twitch Channel So proposes Among us, sessions of FIFA 2021, F1 2020 and many other games. A promising menu with streamers and youtubers, with the presence of players who often experience exercise. To confirm the scenario and find the best of some code titles in these last years.

In addition to the examples cited above, the gaming show also set out to introduce other games. For example, it becomes a question of poker, which is highly appreciated by video game ts enthusiasts. “We’re going to show it from another angle,” Johan smiled, insisting there was no real money. “It will only be virtual chips, not paid games.” This program gives players pride in the gaming world. Numerous interviews and dedicated broadcasts are provided by Focusing on Sport for Women.

Many prizes in play

For spectators to participate, free competitions are often offered during these twenty-four hours. You can win prizes such as PlayStation Network Cards, two digital subscriptions from SuperDry to Goodies or 3 to La Republic des Pyrenees.

For the organizers, this gaming show should allow the audience to participate as much as possible. “We always put the community at the center,” Johann Rewind said. A way for them to share their passion. “It’s not something you come to see people playing. No, you’re here to share it with the public, ”said Johan, who is already ready for this charitable marathon full of promises.

The event is on Saturday, March 24th

On Saturdays, from midnight to 11:59 pm, the quarter streamers can be followed live on During these twenty-four hour highlights, Game of Duty Warzone’s session will take place from 8 to 11 p.m. From 1 to 3 p.m., streamers will compete on the game between us. Formula 1 will be the topic of discussion on the F1 2020 game from 3pm in the presence of very high level drivers. At 5:30 pm, a series of interviews highlighting women’s gaming with “Women’s Words” featuring several players. Finally, note that this event will be an opportunity to attend several conferences on the FIFA 21 game via 11vs11 mode. Players compete for the Electronics Arts title by controlling the actual eleven games against eleven online.

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