May 23, 2022

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Snowfall of games to raise Quest 2

Snowfall of games to raise Quest 2

Oculus VR hosted its first Oculus gaming showcase this Wednesday evening, a show dedicated to virtual reality, especially in its Oculus Quest 2 headset, but also presented titles in other media. And all we can say is that the Facebook branch wants to promote practice with games for all tastes.

Shortly after Facebook stole the show by turning Oculus Connect presentation into Facebook Connect, Oculus decided to hold its own event dedicated to games that enrich its virtual reality headsets.

The first Oculus Gaming Showcase took place this Wednesday evening, all of which is dedicated to unveiling the next titles expected in Oculus Quest 2, but the Oculus Quest Rift S is still in service.

Anxiety, sport and various game experiences

Oculus VR has reviewed upcoming games in this way, but updates of the major titles of the headsets, especially the many technological improvements of the devices, especially for Quest 2. It has recently been loaded with 120 Hz of AirLink wireless connection for PC, but with various utility options such as multi-account and app sharing and the benefits of partnering with Facebook services.

In the recently announced games, the event is back to its upcoming arrival Resident Evil4 In Quest 2 the following year. It will be the only Oculus headset that allows users to play with their fears. You play Leon for a completely different gameplay than the console version and not because you have a headset. Change weapons, collect objects, and navigate the environment where console players can detect, as well as the characters in the VR version.

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And to play with your nerves, you can also opt for Wright: The Oblivion. This VR horror game is in title form based on exploring the dark world. To find out this Thursday on Quest and Rift‌.

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Another novelty to follow, Loan Eco II. Jack and Liv are back in the Saturn Rings to explore a rapidly expanding world and unravel the mysteries of a challenging future. To enjoy this in Quest, you must use a PC connection via AirLink or Oculus Link cable.

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Star Wars fans pay close attention to this Star Wars Pinball VR It will be available on Oculus Quest on April 29, but will also be available on PSVR and Steam VR.

If you are a lover of more athletic and extreme sports, resort Carve snowboarding, Nintendo 64 Classic coming to virtual reality. And the context for the first glimpse of the Oculus Gaming Showcase.

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To play with a lot of people, After the fall Provides four-player multiplayer mode for this particular FPS, which will be available soon on Quest and Rift.

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Always more updates

Pistol Whip, Smoke & Thunder Welcomes DLC for Quest 2 and Rift this summer. The janitor has five new stories and action-focused Western shooter scenes. The story of two sisters in the middle of the Far West, where explosions rub shoulders with technology and train development. Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder and The Concierge Also hope for quests and rifts this summer.

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Other updates for Warhamer 40,000: Bottle Sister Now available in helmets as cooperative mode and two new maps The last tower On Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Rift and Rift S will benefit from this later.

Warhamer 40,000: Bottle Sister

Warhamer 40,000: Bottle Sister

Successful virtual reality game with intriguing atmosphere, I expect you to die Provides suite as prohibited. I expect you to die 2: The spy and the liar Xeroxis will bring your secret skills back to the screen to investigate the next attempt to conquer the world. Coming up this year on all platforms.

I expect you to die 2: The spy and the liar

I2: The Spy and the Lear // Source: Shell Games

Climb 2 improves for more sensations

The first game was one of the iconic games of the early days of VR. His successor also wants to identify spirits. Climb 2 Continue your head spin along with the 12 new climbing zones offered for free in the Freestyle Expansion Pack. As of this Thursday, the first six levels will be available through a game update (both casual and professional mode). Small Feature: There are no save points during the climb and you get extra bonus points by climbing without chalk. In addition, the ascent becomes more complicated with the disappearance of attachment points. Hence the need to plan its path.

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