May 18, 2022

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Israel reports missile launch from Syria

Israel reports missile launch from Syria

(Jerusalem) A missile launched from Syria hit southern Israel early Thursday morning, triggering air strikes sirens near a secret nuclear reactor in the country, the IDF said. In response, the military said it had attacked a neighboring Syrian missile launcher and air defense system.

Joseph Federman
Associated Press

The most serious incident in years between Israel and Syria marks Iran’s involvement. Iran, which maintains forces and proxies in Syria, has blamed Israel for a series of attacks on its nuclear facilities, including retaliation for the April 11 destruction of a nuclear plant at Natanz. The incident complicates US efforts to renew an international nuclear deal with Iran.

The IDF said the missile had landed in the Nujiv area and that air strike sirens had been heard in a village near Dimona, where the nuclear reactor was located. The blasts took place in central Israel. The military later said there was no damage to the missile.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility or comment from Iran. But on Saturday, the radical Iranian newspaper “Kaihan” published an opinion piece by Iranian analyst Sadolla Zarei, aiming to establish an Israeli Dimona in retaliation for the attack on Natanz.

He wrote that action should be taken “against the Dimona nuclear installation”. “The reason for this is that there are no other actions like the Natanz incident.”

Many believe that the Dimona Reactor is a central component of an undeclared nuclear program. It has not confirmed or denied foreign reports that Israel has vast nuclear arsenal.

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Although “Kaihan” is a small circulation newspaper, its editor, Hossain Shariatmadari, was appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and previously described as his adviser.