December 4, 2022

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The Canadians made a “serious mistake.”

The Canadians made a "serious mistake."

According to Ottawa 67’s head coach Andre Tourigni, the Montreal Canadians made a “serious mistake” when juggling his training, so there was not much way for him to make changes.

To earn Eric Stall, Joan Merrill and Eric Gustafson, General Manager Mark Bergwin had to shoot three of the four allowed callbacks between the National Hockey League (NHL) trade deadline and the end of the regular schedule.

Thus, head coach Dominic Ducharm currently has only 12 attackers.

“If the Canadian could do things again, there would be more flexibility,” Tourigni said in a lengthy podcast interview. Leisure time With Louis Jean. The fact that they are leaning to do so and they can no longer take a person out of training is a serious mistake. “

According to Tourigni, this lack of flexibility prevents Ducharm from getting the best out of his players because he cannot punish those who do not make the necessary effort. “Words can mean something by actions,” he argues.

Seven defenders?

Ducharm will be able to breathe a little more in the coming meetings since Meryl and Gustafsson have completed their detention and will be able to lend to the team’s defensive brigade.

Can the pilot fool the option that occurs with 11 forwards and seven full backs?

“There will be at least 22-23 guys, they ‘re able to get the guys. That’s one thing. Said the instructor.

However, there is no question of criticizing Dacharm. Analysts and supporters are fully aware that he does not have access to the locker room, which he finds difficult to control the mood and mood of the troops at this time.

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“You never know what will happen from the outside. You have to be able to experience the team. You see with the way they behave. [De l’extérieur], We .hoganas. We say anything. We are not here. ”