December 4, 2022

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Vaccination for COVID-19 is open to all those with chronic illness

Vaccination for COVID-19 is open to all those with chronic illness

People with chronic diseases, autism spectrum disorder or disability will soon be able to be vaccinated with COVID-19 just like their family caregivers. In all, an additional 800,000 people will be protected from the disease.

“With the improvements each week in May and June, new vaccines, especially vaccines from Pfizer, can be extended to other vulnerable groups with the recommendation of public health before the population goes to the General,” the health minister said. Christian Dubey, at a press conference on Thursday. He was accompanied by Horacio Arruda, National Director of Public Health, and Daniel Para, Director of Vaccine Promotion.

Individuals with a chronic illness requiring hospital care have already received vaccines for a week through their health facility. According to the “incomplete” but “detailed” list provided by the Ministry of Health, people who are obese, have diabetes, sickle cell anemia, severe heart or lung disease, or are immunocompromised are now included. These people can make an appointment at Click Santo by Friday.

People with disabilities, people with autism spectrum disorder and their caregivers have to wait until April 28th. Members of these two groups do not need any proof. “We believe that not only those with these chronic diseases, but also Quebeckers who are not part of these groups should wait a while and we are not talking about months here. We are talking about a few weeks here,” the minister stressed.

“You have to trust people,” Dr. Rare added, adding that some people still try to “infiltrate”. Daniel Para, director of the vaccine campaign, said he had no statistics on “fraudsters”.

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In addition, the government is preparing to launch in-company vaccinations at two different sites next week. He will also demonstrate a drive-in vaccination project that is available without an appointment.

More details will follow.

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