March 21, 2023

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Boris Johnson’s former right-hand man calls him “incompetent.”

Boris Johnson's former right-hand man calls him "incompetent."

Boris Johnson’s former right-hand man Dominic Cummings has launched a violent attack on the British Prime Minister, accusing him of incompetence and questioning his integrity in several recent cases, which Downing Street has denied.

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In a post published on his website, the pro-Brexit adviser, who was the architect of the “leave” victory in the 2016 referendum, said, “It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister and his office have so far fallen from the level of efficiency that deserves integrity.”

The most influential and controversial adviser left the government in November 2020 during the hurricane.

Entrepreneur James Dyson, who has amassed his fortune in home appliances, has defended himself by leaking an SMS exchange informing the Prime Minister of his admission.

The BBC recently revealed this text message exchange in which James Dyson asked Boris Johnson to “fix” the tax status of his employees who had to come to the UK to manufacture respirators, as requested by the government at the outset. Boris Johnson said in March 2020 “I will fix this tomorrow!” We need you “.

Dominic Cummings also mentioned Boris Johnson’s plan to fund private donors in his apartment. He said he had refused to help with the implementation of these projects and that they were “unethical, unwise, and illegal.”

He accused Mr Johnson of trying to stop an internal investigation into the government’s decision to impose a new lockdown, which came after a cabinet meeting last year, which he attributed to an adviser close to her fianc భర్త, Carrie Symonds.

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Former adviser Boris Johnson said the answer was “crazy” and “completely immoral”. This episode “contributed to my decision to stick to my plan of leaving Downing Street,” Cummings said.

One of his spokesmen responded by saying that “the Prime Minister has never interfered in the investigation into the government leak” and also denied the allegations against the Conservative leader’s apartment.

“The government has always acted in accordance with the appropriate code of conduct and electoral law,” he said, adding that “all donations are announced and published in a transparent manner”.

Cummings, who testified to give private messages proving his point of view and to testify to investigators, suggested that an urgent parliamentary inquiry be launched into government behavior during the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The blast immediately slammed Labor opposition, accusing Labor number two Angela Rayner of “oscillating between cover-ups and bondage”.

“It shows a tremendous contempt for the country,” she said, adding that the Boris Johnson party was “sinking deeper and deeper into the instability of corruption.”