May 23, 2022

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Finally, respect for the guardians

Finally, respect for the guardians

Margorite Blaise never hid it. The main reason he returned to politics was the long-neglected file of the custodians. In 2018, when Franయిois Legalt wanted to appoint a former liberal minister, this situation was, for her, undisputed.

Result: Once elected, as seniors minister, included the responsibility of guardians – the first in Quebec. She kept her word. Last fall, she passed the First Framework Act for Guardians.

Yesterday she followed it with the first national policy of the same name. In six months, the circle will close with a new government action plan. These are the main “firsts”.

In Quebec, there are 1.6 million family caregivers. Add loved ones they love, we are talking about 3 million cubes. This is a lot of people.

Without them the system would break down

Let’s face it – mostly women – without the hardest but unpaid work of caregivers. Our already dysfunctional health and social services system will completely collapse.

Although neglected by previous governments, physical, mental and financial exhaustion is devouring them long before the epidemic. For most people, it sets them apart.

Self, helping an intellectually disabled sister, I know something about it. Nothing is going right. Hence the importance, for the future of this new national policy.

She recognizes every caregiver of all ages as “a whole person to be treated with respect and care.” After so many years of brutal disappearance, this is no small matter.

If human and financial resources follow – always determining “if” – it will constrain the health and social services network to support the caregiver in the same way as the “caregiver” with the “assistance plan”. It exists. Finally.

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Hold that. The mental, physical and financial health of the caregiver is also taken into consideration. If ever that happened – the other big “if” – to our inhuman bureaucracy, it would be a real cultural revolution.

Finally move on

The lack of home care and support should therefore be clearly corrected. To do this, public funds going into the new policy should be made sure not to be locked up for other things, including mega-CUSS hospitals, but they really go “on the field”.

Determined Minister Blaise swears that she will take care of things. Those who knew her well knew that she could persuade her prime minister and her colleagues to act when needed.

For caregivers, she has been working there for two years. She has been in consultation with many experts and organizations. A caretaker for her late husband, she has long heard many heartbreaking stories from caregivers at the end of their rope.

Overall Transparency: After participating in one of its consultation platforms as a custodian, I saw it. Speeches are sharp so we don’t count for free anymore.

Politics, as we know it, sometimes serves purely private interests. But it also happens that it serves the general good. For caregivers, Margorite Blaise, with eyes on the next generation, does it passionately.