May 18, 2022

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Unblocking in discussions | CSQ teachers’ strike called off

Unblocking in discussions |  CSQ teachers' strike called off

(Montreal) A major breakthrough was made Friday evening in discussions regarding the 73,000 primary and secondary teachers represented by CSQ.

Leah Levsky
The Canadian Press

As a result, the strike, which was scheduled for Tuesday, was suspended.

After intense discussions over the past few days, the “solution proposal” was considered interesting enough to submit to members.

The Federation of Teaching Unions, affiliated with the Central des Union du Quebec, does not use the term agreement in principle to describe this “regulated regulation” because it does not respond to all of its requests.

However, this “proposed regulation” has already been approved by the Federal Council, an arbitral tribunal, made up of 100 representatives of its unions and is considered worth submitting to its members.

In an interview on Friday evening, FSE President Josie Scholabrini explained that there was “good progress” in the “proposal for regulation”, but, among other things, it was “not work-related”.

“In principle, an agreement means that everything we want to achieve has been achieved and we recommend that our members accept what is on the table. And these are not facts,” she stressed.

In our opinion, there are major improvements on at least three aspects: entry into the profession, improvement of professional autonomy and pay. But on the job, we can’t achieve all of the goals we set for ourselves.

Josie Scholabrini, FSE President

But at the end of the day, teachers decide if it suits them.

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“You have to trust the intelligence of the teachers. We have a government proposal. We are going to submit a government proposal explaining how we got there.To me Scalabrini. The federation does not recommend them.

It should be noted that this is only a “sector” proposal and is therefore relevant to the working conditions of FSE teachers. But it still has a “salary increase” because teachers are asked to “stay close to the Canadian average”, M emphasizes.To me Scalabrini.

The point of contention, therefore, is that salaries, pension plans and insurance are not part of it, as it negotiates at the CSQ level, the central labor body.

As a result of the “settlement proposal”, the strike was called off Tuesday afternoon for 73,000 teachers representing CSQ in primary and secondary schools, English language school boards and French language school service centers.