December 6, 2023

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Angled wants an end to “cowardice”

Angled wants an end to "cowardice"

Dominic Anglade’s Liberal Party #Yesterday, #mononc101 was pleasantly surprised. With a plan to protect the French language.

First, because it was based on an observation that liberals under Charrest and Coillard systematically refused: the dangerous – and recently deteriorating – status of the French.

“I see it in downtown Montreal. So we need strong action,” Mr said.To me Angled, yesterday.


There is a break with cowardice. 2014: Philippe Coillard speaks exclusively in English in Iceland.

As Prime Minister, he did not understand that he was being over-represented, that is, with the doctor-citizen-world-international-course. He should design Quebec.

When a reporter pointed out to him that he only spoke English, he was furious: “If we get to the point where we have to tell people that Quebec is a francophone, we have a problem. Everyone knows that Quebecs speak French. What matters to us is that the audience understands the message. “

Quebec’s official language is French, not known everywhere on the planet! (Although we owe this progress to Robert Bourassa, it is not always very clear in the PLQ.)

This is another indication that Mr. Coellard is almost indifferent to the fight for the French. During the 2014 Chiefs Debate, it was argued that every factory employee should be bilingual if the English-speaking boss is a pop (before apologizing)! It was the step of his mind.

Not the same vision

In her autobiography, Dominic Anglade allocates very little space to her former employer, although she is indebted to her ministerial experience.

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“We do not always share the same focus of things,” she takes care to emphasize (p. 196). “As for the collective future, I know we as a nation need to emphasize ourselves more and not be afraid to say no. I support the need to be clear. [sic] In our requests to the Federal Government. She noted that this “posture” was inferior to Mr. Coillard’s “nature.”

This is a normal thing. At Coillard, we realized that any strong defense of French Quebec was part of a “siege mentality”.

27 actions

Instead of waiting to respond to a long-awaited coquettish plan in terms of language, Anglade’s PLQ has a brilliant idea of ​​taking risky action.

Most of the 27 elements in it are contextual. For example, an Anglo-American government would support the application of Law 101 for companies with federal jurisdiction and for companies with 25 to 29 employees. But not in English speaking CEGEPs. This is not surprising. At least PLQ is proposing to “freeze the number of places” at their 2019 level, while students must have passed at least three courses in French.

It already is.

Obviously, most people are skeptical. The pressure on the PLQ to force Ms Anglade to back down and not make election promises will increase.

At least there seems to be a break with the suffering cowardice.

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