July 6, 2022

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For IOC, the ideal athlete is a quiet athlete | Olympic Games

For IOC, the ideal athlete is a quiet athlete |  Olympic Games

The IOC recalled it Athletes are not allowed to kneel or protest human rights violations When participating in the opening and closing ceremonies of games or when they are on the podium or on the competition stage.

This friendly reminder comes in less than 100 days of the Tokyo Games and less than 300 days of the Beijing Games, which take place in one country Genocide against its Uyghur minority.

Suddenly, why is the IOC so interested in political views and human values? The Pyongyang Winter Games (2018) and Rio Summer Games (2016) are not a scene of events set up by athletes. In addition, a well-known rule prohibits 50 athletes from performing.

Last year, however, athletes from all over the world (this phenomenon began in the United States) used their podium to demonstrate against racism. Also, the fieldwork of many NBA, MLB and NFL athletes and organizations during the last US election had a tremendous impact. The sports world has contributed to the increase in the electoral vote rate, which has proven to be particularly close in many key states.

Overall, the involvement of these citizens in the athletes was very positive. It began to create social progress, which is probably only the tip of the iceberg today. Over the past year, the IOC has been under pressure not to restrict the freedom of expression of athletes.

Amazingly, to maintain the status quo, the IOC relied on the results of a survey … of athletes.

According to the IOC, in a survey of 3,547 athletes from 185 countries, 70% of respondents were of the opinion that sports venues or venues were not suitable venues. And 67% answered that the ban on performance on the podium should continue.

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When we know that only 8.4% of the world’s population lives in true democracy (according to the magazine’s Democracy Index) The Economist), Such an outcome would not be surprising. The vast majority of world athletes live in areas where freedom of expression is severely compromised.

Also, it is very clear that there will never be demonstrations if those who want to condemn injustice have to get majority approval before the show! And, in the same vein, there is undoubtedly very little social progress. It is to protect individuals and minorities The tyranny of the majority There are fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and freedom of expression.

For example, without the right to demonstrate, workers can never have the right to organize or strike. And women are still waiting to get the right to vote. In most areas, they are still fighting for pay equity.

If quarterback Colin Kipernick had not led a heated national debate by kneeling during a national anthem in 2016, the black civil rights movement would probably not have been so powerful.

The IOC’s policy is clearly aimed at not demeaning its partners, sometimes dictators, and to some extent displeasing sponsors.

It will be interesting to see how the IOC imposes sanctions on those who break Rule 50. At a medal ceremony in Beijing, a Canadian, American or French gold medalist told the camera: Uyghurs, I dedicate this victory to you!

What does the IOC do? Will he take off his medal? Will the athlete be expelled from the Games site immediately? Will it be banned from the next games? In both cases, for the IOC’s image, the consequences of such sanctions are 100 times greater than the athlete’s action.

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It is for this reason that IOC Athletes Commission President Kirsty Coventry could not say whether it would impose sanctions on the possible. Naughty Exhibitors.

The Judicial Affairs Commission has asked that all participants in the Games submit proportional orders of sanctions to ensure that they know what they can and cannot do. , She explained on a daily basis Guardian.

Finally, IOC people say athletes can still speak at a press conference. But still there, as always Guardian, IOC Athletes Commission documents remind participants Freedom of expression is not absolute and may be limited As part of the Olympic Games.

In other words, we make it clear to them that their role in the games is to turn around the track and close the door.

The first athlete to challenge this joke starts the whole conversation.