July 6, 2022

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Advances in Cloud Gaming, Touch Controls, Xbox Fridges and PC Games


New Sunday and a new episode of Xbox News. Your week is busy and you do not have time to follow all the ads? Fear not, we have created a summary that you should not miss! And things happened.

We are finally getting off to a great start with cloud gaming coming on iOS and Windows 10. In fact, most of the service in beta comes through browsers. The first players to access it received a message informing them in their mailbox. Also, we are preparing an article for you on our feelings about this new experience. In the same statement, Phil Spencer responded to a player request following this statement. Most players want to see PC games coming to the cloud gaming service. The head of the Xbox assures us by stating that this is the case, the focus is currently on console titles. We & # 39; ll continue with the update you received on your Xbox mobile console and app. Achievements mark their return and a new section has appeared in the Xbox Game Pass game that allows you to join your friends directly. Similarly, there are now more categories and a new button to pause all downloads. We will continue with the Xbox Live Gold End for free-play-titles effective from Wednesday. The Xbox is now aligned with the tool in the competition. Possibility for more cross-save titles?

We’re surprised to hear other news in the Tighttown video. Have a great week everyone!

Xbox News # 49: Best Xbox News April 19-25, 2021

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