May 17, 2022

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Minor Baseball: Coming back like no other

Minor Baseball: Coming back like no other

Caution is required at the start of the minor baseball season in Quebec.

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Typically, most baseball teams in the province play at training camp and gym, due to the unpredictable weather this part of the year.

Epidemic responsibilities, some structures attempt to experiment outside, as well as for teams in the Capitol-National area.

Usually for professionals there are always more injuries at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, in 2020, this phenomenon was observed during the brief calendar period of major baseball.

Here in Quebec, some coaches are wondering if they will see an increase in injuries among young people, because this season will be different than previous years.

The opinion of the coaches who met was divided on the question.

“We have to measure the intensity, we have to measure the volume, but also the psychological aspect, the emotion of the young man who has been arrested for so long. All he wanted was to throw the ball as long as possible, ”said Dominic Walsh, baseball sport-studies coordinator for the Connoisseurs de Quebec.

Keep in mind that young people have had to miss out on their favorite sports for many months due to the epidemic.

However, the motto of these baseball coaches is to dedicate their time to avoiding injuries to young people. Very easy but not the situation, because most young players want to play games with their friends as soon as possible.

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“In my observation in general, players are more injured than ever. There is more arm pain than before, there is more management. In fact, youngsters usually have to be a little less than normal. So the first thing to do in training camp is to bring the physical appearance to an acceptable level,” said the Canadian baseball academy coach. Mark-Antoine Burbe opined.