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Omnichrome | Back into the future

Omnichrome |  Back into the future

After 10 years of absence, Omnichrome is back Magic bus, A five-song mini-album. The trio may have been misunderstood in their early days, but whether they toured France or were allowed to play with pop and electro broke the door for the younger generation of rappers. Interview with Jean Bart, Linso Gabbo and producer Figure 8.

Emily CoteEmily Cote

If there is any benefit to the pandemic, it is to give Omnichrome a chance to gradually return. Water has been flowing under the bridges since his last album was released in 2012. The rap scene has changed. This 10-year absence allowed the group to “test the waters”.

Omnichrome has plenty of new songs in its bag, but he is only releasing five songs in the new EP Magic bus. “EP represents one color, but we’re going to release many other songs that go elsewhere, which will surprise people,” Linso Gabbo said.

Great wrestling lover and wrestler for the stage Underground From Montreal (named Grand Gabbo), Linso Gabbo never performed with words. He also released a music video for the song Gabbo Gang. And all of this inspired him to new songs from Omnichrome.

His two acolites are fine. Figure8 does not stop at being a DJ, Jeanbart is a columnist here and there as well as a content developer.

With five songs of Magic bus, Omnichrome humbly wants to see what people like to clarify its trajectory. In the song The best guys, Has a copper pattern Eighties It almost does “elevator music”. As it was GroundHog Day with the pandemic, the team invited us to a party with fried chicken in our head and a glass of Merlot. “Literature” is 100% insane, which emphasizes the omnichrome of arrier, Jeanbart .We can be reckless with ourselves. ”

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The first single was released a few weeks ago, Mixed, In a way bridges the past. Jean-Bart joked about spending the night with a girl who was confused with host Philippe Fehmi, with a slavery humor unique to Omnichrome. Overnight arrangements electronically electro.

Behind the i-dont-care of text, there is a more serious theme of aging. Can a young guitarist like Keith Richards be a role model to “grow old cool”? When we rap, how do we age?

Snoop Dogg omnichrome abruptly gives an example. Snoop continues to rap while cooking with Martha Stewart and lecturing at C2 Montreal. “He does a lot of business with music,” Jeanbart said.

Zubizar’s time

It should be noted that the most successful time for omnichrome, in the 2000s, was really exciting in Montreal, without falling into nostalgia. Unlike MySpace, social networks do not exist. Musical styles are disassembled. There are popular and unacceptable night meetings, especially at Zubizar.

“Something special is happening in the music scene,” Jean-Bart recalled. In Montreal, this is the so-called “local scene” of the Golden Age, which unites musicians of many styles. ”

Photo by Andre Pichet, archived by the Press

Omnicrome members at another time in 2007: Linso Gabbo, Jeanbart (middle) and Figure 8

“If you’re a real Montreal, jump in the air to warm up! », Omnicrome’s tube made in collaboration with TTC and Ghisline Poir‌ To warm yourself. Another great success of Omnicrome and TTC: Do the Poutin Dance.

All these beautiful people met at Francos de Montreal. From 2005 to 2012, Omicrom released two EPs and three albums. He toured France and also performed a duet with Cour de Pirate. He shared the stage with Diplo and Aerial Audio.

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For the past 10 years, artists have been far from the light, except for a show that highlights 10 peopleE Album anniversary Lots of bananas! In 2017 in Franకోois de Montreal.

In fact, the things Omnichrome has already said can no longer be said. In the early days, Omnichrome was embroiled in a scandal over his obscene words.

“It’s a question of times,” Linso Gabbo said.

The cultural vibe has changed and so has we. There is the negligence of guys who accidentally record songs in their apartment అప that it sucks.


If omnichrome plays with signs of the vulgarity of American rap (more precisely Southern Rap), He did it with a second degree that he did not understand correctly, Jeanne Bart emphasized. “We don’t know how well we play our characters. For us, it’s clear. Not for everyone who finds us on a show, the cartoon side is not clear.”

Later, like many other rappers, Omnichrome members were criticized for not raping “real” because it was too pop or electro. Instead, urban music is a precursor to what has become.

Demonstrate youth

Omnichrome wants to showcase growing rappers, as it did at the time with Danzel and Pageplay. On the song in the EP Clouds (At Beat Ghost catchy piano music) by Dan Bruce, Scenes Sucker and dr Stein. “They’re young rappers, they’m avant-garde in their approach. But they ‘re too young to learn about omnichrome,” Linso Gabu laughed.

For its part, it is surrounded by other producers, including Figure 8 Lopocus. “I am not ashamed to update myself. ”

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Know the song May be intellectuals Not a tip for chores and foci. The song tells of a lively forgetfulness that is felt after a genius… but in the end it is not one.

Omnichrome members did not take themselves so seriously. The fact remains that they are proud craftsmen of entertainment. And they are very confident that they will return to the game in the new sandbox. P Magic bus Beginning only …