July 1, 2022

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Symptoms after vaccination: “Vaccine does not give COVID-19”

Symptoms after vaccination: "Vaccine does not give COVID-19"

People who experience symptoms of COVID-19 after taking the vaccine do not have to worry and do not think they have been infected with the virus, they should be happy.

“No vaccine gives COVID-19, dr Franకోois Marquis was interviewed on LCN on Sunday. If you have symptoms that start, it is because your body is preparing for its response. ”

Since vaccination is a “symptomatic treatment”, it is normal for the body to respond, said the head of intensive care at the hospital Mysonnev-Rosemont.

“You should be happy that this is happening because your immune system has detected it and is building an appropriate response. This is a sign of good news,” Dee argued.r Marquis.

Symptoms such as headache and fatigue can be seen in people infected with the coronavirus.

“Especially those with COVID, those with antibodies, when we give them any vaccine, they respond a little more,” the doctor noted.

You should also not worry if vaccinated people do not develop symptoms after receiving their dose. This does not mean that the vaccine will not work.

“When you get your vaccine, if I am completely asymptomatic, it does not mean you will not be protected,” the doctor said.r Franకోois Marquis.

“But the physical response is encouraging,” he added.

And in the case of symptoms, treatment is very simple.

“A little acetaminophen, we rest, we take it relaxed and in 24, 48 hours, we become champions,” the doctor said.