March 30, 2023

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I cheated at PKU, and you?

I cheated at PKU, and you?

Our journalists also experience all sorts of problems and adventures in their daily lives. They give us their personal testimonies here, in which many of our readers identify themselves.

Eh yes. I cover cases on journalism and personal data protection in the Bureau of Investigation. And despite all the precautions I take to protect them, I was deceived at PKU.

I know the risks because my financial company leaked from my personal company Desjardines.

Since then, I have been changing my passwords regularly and signing up for Equifax Alerts. I was deceived into never giving information.

After I did my taxes, I recently learned that my identity had been stolen when I received my assessment notice.

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Since then, I’ve been a house prisoner, which makes you mad Twelve labors of Asterix.

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) itself has changed my statement that I failed to declare the Canada Emergency Benefit (CEP), a popular program set up by the Trudeau government to help the unemployed.

Unemployed? I?

CRA thus improved my taxable salary without checking. Sorry?

The Revenue Agency said nothing could be done for me. She confirms that my tax data is not compromised and that the ECP request on my behalf at the time of the epidemic was directly to employment insurance.

Not only am I making this argument, I have never even claimed unemployment in my life! It all went crazy.

This amount will be deducted from my income only if the employment insurance cancel the unemployment benefit form sent to Revenue Canada from my file.

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After waiting for hours on the phone, a Service Canada agent finally listens to my complaint. “We take the situation very seriously. An agent will call you back to check. For your assessment notice, you must contact the Canadian Revenue Agency,” the operator told me.

I did not speak. When was the ECP request made on my behalf? To what address was it sent? “You’re not the only one in this situation,” he says. Point.

So I have to take my pain patiently. This time, a cheater bought a good television thanks to my identity.

A week before an agent finally contacted me to verify whether I was the real Nicholas Lachens. Never ask a PCU. It seems easier to deceive them than to prove one’s true identity.

Once convinced, she assured me that a new, revised unemployment benefit form would be mailed to me. I’m still waiting for him.

Until then, CRA still believes I have claimed this benefit. Canadian Revenue Minister Diane LeBoutier has promised that victims will not have to pay. It is still nebulous.

Data everywhere

I wanted to tell my story, because these scams are on the rise and it seems that our public and private companies are taking all of this lightly.

The state is working hard to protect our data, but is giving companies millions of dollars in funding so they can find ways to make better use of it. “Data is the oil of the 21st century”, repeat our elected officials. This is a sweet treat for fraudsters who make honest citizens sweat.

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Perhaps the time has come for our governments to seriously protect them.

What I was able to learn in my quest

  • He was a cheater I do not need to prove my identity Apply for employment insurance online, on my behalf.
  • My Data was stolen from Desjardins Made it easier for fraudsters to obtain ECPs. The general social insurance number is adequate.
  • No security issue Didn’t ask the cheater.
  • Agreed to mail employment insurance checks At any address, Even if it is not related to the applicant.
  • Service Canada declined to disclose Where the money was posted and deposited in any bank account.
  • The officer who investigated my file tells me that We are thousands From the beginning of the tax season to contact Service Canada to deny this fraud.
  • In March, already 30,000 ECP requests According to the Auditor General of Canada, it was found to be fraudulent.
  • We advise Communicate with the police. What do I do.

Contact me

Have you been the victim of fraud or identity theft for the past few months? Did you find out while doing your taxes that ECP claimed on your behalf? I want to read your stories.

At you can contact me with complete security and privacy [email protected] Or [email protected]