May 23, 2022

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U.S. to share estrogenka doses

U.S. to share estrogenka doses

(Washington) The White House says it is preparing to share 60 million doses of the Oxford-Astrogenene vaccine against other countries against COVID-19.

The Canadian Press

But Press Secretary Jen Saki said Monday that they are currently not ready in any dosage – and that they will be delivered as needed at the time of delivery.

OmTo me Saki said he was waiting for permission from the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) to share ten million doses “in the coming weeks”.

The remaining 50 million doses are still in production and will not be submitted for approval until May and June.

OmTo me Saki said the White House, its COVID-19 advisers and the State Department are anticipating a wide range of requests worldwide for high doses.

Following an initial “loan loan” of 1.5 million doses last month, President Joe Biden said the United States hopes to deliver more doses of Astrogenica to Canada in the near future.

In March, the Biden administration announced plans to ship four million doses of the vaccine to Canada and Mexico. The estrogena vaccine is widely used worldwide.

The White House has been increasingly reassuring about the supply of the three vaccines that will be maintained in the United States, especially since the single-dose vaccine administration was reopened from Johnson & Johnson.

Jeff Giants, COVID-19 coordinator at the White House, explained that the country is “exploring options to share doses of estrogenica with other countries” as a large number of vaccines are already available in the United States.

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More than three million people worldwide have died from COVID-19.

Giants say the United States has not yet selected the recipients of the estrogen dose. Canada and Mexico have asked the Biden administration to share higher doses, while dozens of other countries are seeking vaccine supplies. The U.S. government, which has a contract with the company for a total of 300 million doses, will donate the doses – although the company has had production problems.