May 21, 2022

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Will Patrick Roy hire an agent for the NHL return?

Will Patrick Roy hire an agent for the NHL return?

Patrick Roy never hid his desire to return to the NHL one day and agreed with the PBI Sports Agency, which specializes in coaches and directors-generals representation, and took another step towards this goal on Monday morning. But, be careful before putting it in the seat of Dominic Ducharm or Mark Bergwin immediately, Agent Neil Glasberg assures.

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However, it should be noted that the time chosen to publish this news raises many questions. Roy’s name is inevitably associated with the Montreal Canadians name whenever a coach or general manager loses their job and CH goes through difficult times and uncertainties. Dominance over the organizational future of the team.

“Montreal has problems, so everyone is trying to read between the lines, even pointing out their interests like Glasberg, local Montreal, Mike Sullivan, Gerard Gallant and Pascal Vincent. Don’t worry, I’m not talking to Geoff Molson. , The window of opportunity is often small so we had to act quickly. However, if I had waited until tomorrow and the Canadians lost to Calgary, it would have been even worse. ”

Movement to assess

Mr Glasberg said the reason PBI Sports announced its partnership with Roy on Monday was based on a broader strategy than just the Montreal Canadians. He hopes several NHL teams will make changes to the staff by the end of next season.

“There has been no movement for two years. It started last March and my three clients have been scarred, Geoff Ward in Calgary, Kirk Mల్లెller in Montreal and Steve Smith in Buffalo. I hope this continues in the next few months.”

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The agent swears he has not yet received a phone call about Roy, but there is no doubt about the interest he has gained across the NHL.

“He met Ottawa two years ago, so I think we can say he’s interested. There are currently 31 teams in the NHL so we need to look for opportunities.”

Focused on Quebec

Mr. Glasberg reiterated frequently in the interview that he was the one who started the steps with Roy, not the other way around. He confirms that his client’s head is 100% with Remports de Quebec, who will start their first round series tomorrow against the Drummondville Voltigers.

“Patrick is completely dedicated to reports, so there’s no conflict. I will handle all of this for him and it will allow him to focus on his team. Patrick has given a lot to the NHL and he deserves to come back. However, it is important to me to say that he is not going to leave Quebec. If it comes, we will explore it, otherwise it will be in Quebec. ”

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