July 6, 2022

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Windows 10 fixes “gaming” bug introduced by Microsoft KB5000842

Windows 10 fixes "gaming" bug introduced by Microsoft KB5000842

Microsoft is fixing a performance issue that could affect some Windows 10 games. It appeared after installing the KB5000842 update.

The KB5000842 update was launched on March 29th. The patch was released outside on Tuesday, which includes insecure solutions. It targets PCs running Windows 10 20h1 or 20h2. KB5000842 however is optional. Clearly, manual intervention is required to begin its download and installation.

If there are about fifty improvements in the program, this update is also the source of the bug. Some players have had performance issues with some video games. The bug was confirmed by Nvidia, which advised to uninstall it while waiting for the official solution.

Microsoft confirms this problematic situation, but some users claim to be affected by the problem.

“After installing this update a small subset of users reported a decrease in performance in games. Many users with this problem are in full screen or borderless mode using two or more monitors. ”

Windows 10 and gaming bug, KIR

The good news is there is a solution. It does not go through the installation of another update but through the KIR functionality. KIR Contraction of K.nown Issue RAllback. Its purpose is to allow the PC to find a suitable environment to restart operations in the event of a problem during a Windows update. In short, it restores the previously working configuration to get rid of the problem affecting Windows 10.

Microsoft explains

“This problem can be solved using K.nown Issue RAllback (KIR). Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the resolution to return to normal […] Restarting your device will help you to use this solution faster. ”

Note that new optional Windows 10 cumulative updates are expected next week with the next patch Tuesday (May 11) approach.

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