May 25, 2022

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Quebec Tramway: Deciding time for Limoilou and Saint-Roach

Quebec Tramway: Deciding time for Limoilou and Saint-Roach

The Queen of Quebec assured the citizens of Saint-Roche and de Estimoville that their opinion would be considered in the choices to be made on the tramway route.

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In a press scrutiny this morning, the mayor of Quebec, Regis Labyum, who is in charge of the project office of the structured transport network, indicated that he had begun meeting with citizens living in the Saint-Roach and D’Steamowille neighborhoods.

“It went well. Clearly, there are choices to be made. The choices will be made with them,” the mayor said, confirming that the choice of his administration in this way is “not final.”

Preferred option

From the exit from the tunnel provided in the Jean-Paul-L’Allier Park Sector, the tram must be transmitted to Saint-Roche. He goes to the Saint-Roche Pole near the Rue de la Croix-Rouge.

Then, it should be towards the district of de Estimoville. A few weeks ago, while negotiations with the government on the final route were underway, Mayor Canardier prioritized the choice.

However, the question remains to be known whether to reach Canardier, we will take 3rd Avenue or 4th Avenue, which is the reason for many discussions in Limoilo. “Limoilou has a lot of things to discuss with the public,” the mayor said.

In Saint-Roche, the citizens of Rue des Chalutier have in recent months condemned the city’s intentions of driving a tram on their street.

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Good sharing

The mayor said participation in the meetings was positive. “People understand the situation and we will try to make the best choices with them.” Mr. LaBeoum reiterates that this project is an “opportunity”. “I know one thing, the tram that travels through Limoilou is good for everyone. This is an extraordinary advantage. ”

By the end of the week, the city of Quebec should update the timetables for the tramway, especially on the approach to calling for proposals that will provide the consortium with conflicting technical data. Everyone behind the future formal call for tenders.

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