March 28, 2023

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The first trailer for Spielberg’s West Side Story

The first trailer for Spielberg's West Side Story

Announced in 2018, the new version of this musical composed by composer Leonard Bernstein is also inspired Romeo and Juliet, By Shakespeare, will be released in theaters on December 8, 2021, after being postponed due to the epidemic.

The original script that tells the impossible love story of the 1950s is still at the heart of the film. In New York, two clans oppose the jets that connect young white working class people and sharks of Puerto Rican origin. That doesn’t stop Tony from falling in love with Sharks captain’s sister Maria and the Jets.

Latin American distribution

Steven Spielberg insisted that the cast should play the roles of Latin American characters in his version, as opposed to the selection for the 1961 film.

Ansel Elgart and Rachel Ziegler in Stephen Spielberg’s “West Side Story” version

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Rachel Ziegler, an American of Colombian descent, plays Maria, originally by American actress Natalie Wood. Ariana Dibos plays Anita, David Alvarez plays Maria’s brother Bernardo in the first version by George Chakiris.

The only Latin American actress to arrive in 1961 was not only the executive producer on the version of Rita Moreno Spielberg, but also the character of Valentina. A modernized and feminine version of this character Doc, A merchant with a big heart in actual work.

In the 1961 version, actor Ansel Elgart played Tony, played by Richard Beamer.

The original film, directed by Robert Wise and choreographer Jerome Robbins, won 10 Academy Awards and marked a generation. Songs Maria, I feel pretty And America Well known in the history of American cinema.