March 30, 2023

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Former pillar of Project Montreal with Denise Coderre

Former pillar of Project Montreal with Denise Coderre

The former pillar of Project Montreal will announce on Wednesday that he is rallying for Denis Coderre and that he will seek to become borough mayor under his banner Tap.

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

Guillaume Lavoie, who is considered a favorite to head the political establishment ahead of Valerie Plante’s surprise victory in 2016, announced this Wednesday that he was changing sides.

According to our information, he will try his luck as mayor of Villere – Saint-Michel – Park-Extension, District-Barometer District in the center of the metropolis.

On Tuesday, Guillaume Lavoie did not respond to an interview request Tap. Former mayor Denise Coderrere party ensemble Montreal declined to comment on our information.

Mr. Laoi, 44, described himself as a “public policy consultant”. Commented on American news in the media.

From 2013 to 2017 he served as Municipal Councilor in Rosemont – La Petit-Patri on the Project Montreal banner. In 2016, after the departure of leader Richard Bergeron, he sought to lead the party. Her only rival: the municipal councilor – unknown at the time – was Valerie Plante.

An excellent interlocutor, Mr. Laoi is associated with the more financial edge of the Project Montreal, Mr.To me Plante moved his community base. In the end, it won by 998 votes to 999. Mr. Laoi quickly announced his departure from municipal politics. “It was clear that I did not have the space or framework of faith I needed, which would allow me to serve my strengths and my public commitment,” he declared at the time. “My allegiance to the Valerie Plante Party stopped the day my mandate ended,” he said last fall Tap.

Statements to explain

In this leadership campaign, Laoi did not withdraw his blows on Denise Coder in an attempt to conquer his militant base, which he must explain on Wednesday.

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“The mayor’s power will increase at his head and unfortunately this will be done at the expense of the Montrealists,” he said in 2017 regarding the cost of City Hall for speech writers. Mr. Laoi also spoke of a “scandal.”

“Denise Coder’s notoriety is enormous, but it’s the same as giving contracts to his friends; who broke through the concrete slab when it was forbidden by law; who made the anti – bull rule that was abolished in court? , ”He said in 2016.

In another vein, Guillaume Laoi often speaks openly and on social networks to defend the sharing economy, which is a sector associated with Uber, Airbnb, but also Communityo.

“It’s not a nostalgia, it’s an irreversible social phenomenon,” he wrote.

“Its fundamentals are geared towards a more productive, more sustainable and more entrepreneurial world. To do this, we need to create new rules to safeguard common interest and provide a framework for practice.”

Current Villere – Saint-Michel – Park-Extension, Giuliana Fumagalli, was elected on the Project Montreal banner, but she was expelled from it due to a harassment scandal.