May 20, 2022

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Municipal elections | Coder hires a former Quebecore executive

Municipal elections |  Coder hires a former Quebecore executive

The party announced Wednesday morning that former Vice President of Quebec, Serge Sasville, is coming into municipal politics by joining Denise Coder’s party, Ensemble Montreal, where he will be responsible for the arts, culture and heritage.

Isabel AtaliotaIsabel Ataliota

At a press conference, Guillaume Lavoie, a former pillar of Project Montreal – Mayor Valerie Plante’s party – also confirmed that she would be running with her former rival, Denis Coderre. Tap Wednesday morning.

In the past, Mr. Laoi has often had harsh words about the former mayor, who is running for mayor again.

“All the exchanges I have had in the past with Mr. Coderrey or members of his administration have been towards a specific subject, not an individual,” Guillome underlined Laoi to explain this clear turn. “I criticize ideas, not people. I do not see people as demons because we do not agree. ”

Laoi said he did not identify himself in his former party, revealing the major weaknesses of the current administration, which were unable to meet the challenges that would arise. “I believe Montreal can and should do well,” he lamented.

Guillome Laoi “has everything to be a mayoral candidate,” said Denis Coderre. “He may have been the third way, but he chose that path,” he said, adding that Mr Lavoie would also co-chair the ensemble’s election platform in Montreal.

The candidate, who is associated with the financial edge of Project Montreal, tried to take over the leadership of the party in 2016 but lost to Valerie Plante.

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“Inquiry” in Borough Hall

Mr Lavoie now seeks his fortune as mayor of Villere – Saint-Michel – Park-Extension, “a borough victim of carelessness, a mixture of lack of leadership and the problematic behavior of a man with a head,” he said.

The current mayor of Borough, Giuliana Fumagalli, was elected on the Project Montreal banner, but was expelled from it due to a history of harassment.

The other candidate, Serge Sasville, who attended Wednesday, explained that he was stepping into the municipal sector after a “serious life” in the corporate world because he wanted to serve Montreal and its artistic power.

“Artists should be guaranteed a position that will ensure their stability in their careers and their work, to prevent artists from leaving the creative environment and losing their knowledge and creativity, which is a treasure for Montreal,” said Sasville.

Serge Sasville will serve as councilor in the Peter-McGill district in the Ville-Mary borough. The seat is currently occupied by city executive committee member Kathy Wang, who was elected in 2017 along with Denise Coder’s team, before joining Project Montreal.

Denise Coderrere and mask

In addition, Mr Koderre had to defend himself for wearing a mask and disrespecting a two-meter distance when he visited a homeless camp in Hochelaga-Mysonnev on Tuesday.

Many readers have written Tap To refute this situation, appear in the published photos Tap And on images taken by television cameras.

“I was first asked to wear a mandatory mask. I’m for the mask, I’m not a conspirator,” Mr. Coder said. “It simply came to our notice then. We must allow ourselves to make mistakes. ”

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