May 22, 2022

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Canadian-Leafs: Fraudulent performances, Anderson argues

Canadian-Leafs: Fraudulent performances, Anderson argues

MONTRÉAL – Canadians damage Maple Leafs Wednesday night was the fifth of seven games this season against Toronto’s old rival Queen City. Two weeks from the end of the calendar, 16 points separate the two divisions in the Northern Division classification.

By winning, the Leafs also became the first team to qualify for the playoffs. The Canadian still does not sleep peacefully, and his leadership over the Calgary flames is dangerous enough to justify putting a little trouble in our expectations.

These facts do not move Josh Anderson, however, they believe that the apparent gap between the two teams is not that big.

“Away from Toronto? No, not at all, Anderson committed the crime at the suggestion of a colleague. If you look at the games we played against them, these are close games and for most of them, I think we are the best team. We must work until we correct our mistakes. But as I said from the beginning, I trust this team. We are a great group that can do great things. “

Anderson seemed angry after another setback, the tenth of sixteen games in April. The Canadian allowed a shorthand goal in the second minute of the game, let’s fall asleep by Aston Mathews’ magic trick just before half time in the first period and we never expected him to regain control of the meeting.

Another expensive first period

“I do not know what to say to you,” Anderson replied. There are no excuses. It is true that we are returning from a long trip to the West [les Leafs] Tonight it looked flat and we made it easy for them. You need to find a way to win by working hard. “

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Anderson, paired with Philip Donald and Arthur Lehkonen, did not play a bad game, especially as he spent most of the evening against the Mathews trio. He made three shots and was credited with six hits. He also missed a wide-open goal in the first period when his team was already trailing by two goals. Dominic Ducharm had a lonely moment at his post-match press conference to explain the lack of tendency of the assassin in his forces.

“I know he didn’t do it on purpose, but you have to take those chances, especially at the beginning of the game. It can energize the team,” the coach lamented.

Although the score quickly turned against him, Ducharm said his team appreciated the opening effort. “They scored on their first two chances to score …” He recalled Leafs, paying tribute to their opportunism. Later, in his view, it was inexplicably spoiled.

“We started forcing the game very quickly. It’s like we’re already at the end of the third period, taking exactly two goals in five minutes to complete the first.”

“Second, it didn’t come out as strongly as we had. We could not come back, that’s all,” the coach concluded.

The Canadians will play three of the last eight games against Toronto. All three matches will have the opportunity to learn a lot more about themselves than about their opponents.

“We showed a little bit of what we could do, but we haven’t played a 60-minute game on these guys yet,” Nick Suzuki said. If we meet them in the playoffs, we will get nowhere to play that way. “

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