May 27, 2022

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COVID-19 | New York aims for a “complete reopening” on July 1

COVID-19 |  New York aims for a "complete reopening" on July 1

(New York) Après des mois de prudence face à une deuxième vague de COVID-19, le maire de New York a annoncé jeudi qu’il prévoyait une « réouverture complète » de la ville au 1er juillet, tandis que le gouverneur de New York affirmait qu’elle pourrait intervenir « avant ».

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« Nous sommes prêts à rouvrir New York complètement au 1er juillet », a déclaré le maire Bill de Blasio lors d’un point presse. « Cela veut dire aller dans les magasins […], The return of bars and restaurants, the revenue of many employees […] Re-opening theaters and a lot of things we love ”.

Most shops and restaurants are already open, but with limited capacity, and the mayor did not specify what this “total reopening” would be in terms of lifting restrictions.

The latter were resolved by Governor Andrew Cuomo rather than by the town hall, with whom Mr. de Blasio maintains difficult relations.

1 asked about this goal ofIs In July, the governor immediately challenged it.

“I don’t like making predictions, I think they are irresponsible,” Cuomo told a special news conference. “I hope we reopen soon […] If we do what we need to do, we can reopen before before.

However, both individuals agreed that the complete lifting of the restrictions would depend on the continuation of the current vaccine effort.

New York has already injected 6.4 million doses of the vaccine, which was severely damaged by the first wave of pandemic in the spring of 2020, killing 32,000 people so far from the coronavirus.

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De Blasio said 2.4 million New Yorkers – about 8.5 million – are now fully vaccinated, and the goal is to reach 5 million by the end of June.

“We need to create incentives for the vaccine, which will be more convenient for the people,” he stressed.

As in other American cities, the vaccination rate has recently slowed, although all those 16 years of age and older have been vaccinated without preemptive speed.

Politically weakened by a number of scandals, Cuomo has eased a number of sanctions in recent weeks, allowing restaurants, stadiums, cinemas and venues to reopen.

He assured on Thursday that he would “continue to increase capacity” in the face of a gradual decline in coronavirus positivity and hospital rates.

Broadway theaters, one of New York’s best tourist attractions, are closed.

The mayor, who recently announced a major campaign to revive tourism from June, agreed on Thursday that they would remain so until September, with the exception of “a few more intimate theaters”.