May 20, 2022

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Aaron Rodgers wants to leave the repairs

Aaron Rodgers wants to leave the repairs

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has told some members of the company that he is no longer happy with the Green Bay Packers and that he does not want to return with the team.

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ESPN Network reported the same on Thursday.

Last season’s NFL MVP, Rodgers has been attracting interest from the San Francisco 49ers, among others, who have reportedly approached Packers for his services.

According to the same source, Rodgers ‘dissatisfaction with the company over Packers’ decision to compromise to get their hands on quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 draft.

However, according to the NFL network, the chances of a quarterback compromising are zero.

“Aaron is our man,” team general manager Brian Gutekunst said Monday. He will be our quarterback for the short term future. ”

Last month, Rodgers and his agent are said to have spent a few days with Packers management to resolve the situation. The company wanted Rodgers to restructure the contract, which it refused, preferring to obtain a contract extension. Packers then accused him of giving the proposal a rejection.

The 37-year-old Hub has been with the Packers since making him in the first round in 2005. Since then he has led the team to Super Bowl success in 2011 and has been named MVP three times in his NFL career.

Last season, he hit 4,299 yards and had 48 touchdown passes.

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