May 24, 2022

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Internal Chicken: Quebec Solidair wants to blame its anti-racist ensemble

Internal Chicken: Quebec Solidair wants to blame its anti-racist ensemble

The internal strife, which has been going on for several months in the Quebec Solidar ranks, in two weeks, blaming its decolonial anti-racist ensemble for its behavior harming the party.

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In view of the National Council to be held on May 15 and 16, the Executive Committee of Quebec Solidarity distributed a document to its members summarizing the “intimidation tactics” and “threats” collectively taken since its creation.

The picture is not pretty: in late 2019, members of the anti-racist coalition began issuing an ultimatum to the party leadership, who later criticized the party as “poisonous”. Activation environment.

Before a journalist and PQ leaders from the parliamentary press linked Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon and Pascal Burbe to the “Fascosphere” before the controversial professor Amir Attar మాటn’s publicly supported the words, the camel’s back was broken. .

The incident prompted Quebec Solidair co-spokeswoman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and party president Nika Desloire to publicly reject their anti-racist ensemble. The latter responded with an official notice, to which the party did not respond.

No foreclosure

The discussion is therefore transferred to the National Council, which takes place in virtual mode, which is a less favorable principle for behind-the-scenes frogs. In an interview with our Parliamentary Bureau, Mr.To me Deslorier said he expected the matter to be resolved in about 30 minutes, perhaps “a little more”.

However, there is no question of the moment of expulsion of the undesirable ensemble. “It simply came to our notice then. We are not at all, ”the party president explained. In the event that the situation does not rectify itself, a decision may be taken to close the collective accreditation at the Congress to be held next November.

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“We do not take it lightly. We have agreed to vote for an impeachment motionTo me Deslariers. We want to give the runner a chance. We hope the situation is rectified. ”