May 23, 2022

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Joel Bouchard: Time to move on to the next challenge?

Joel Bouchard: Time to move on to the next challenge?

If he first focused on his daily tasks, Laval Rocket head coach Joel Bouchard would not live in a cave. He knows his name is circulating among those who could soon earn a place behind a team bench in the National Hockey League.

A text, published Thursday on the NHL website, suggests that Kubiker could be hired on the Betman circuit by American league coaches.

“My friends and relatives sent it to me via text message, I did not read it, but I saw the title,” Bouchard agreed at a press conference when asked about the text. Friday.

“I, my goal is to always surpass myself,” he said. I have never backed down from a challenge and if I was in a position where I never wanted more challenges, I would never leave hockey. If I’m not ready for the challenge, I’ll quit, I’ll give way to someone else. ”

In other words, Joel Bouchard is listening, but he is not wrong in saying that he is targeting the NHL in the short term. He is not looking to replace Dominic Ducharm‌ one day in the power of the Montreal Canadians.

“I want to do my job and if a challenge arises in front of me, I will take it, however, he said. I called to the left and right and said, ‘Hey, can I get a job?’ I’m never done that .I’m doing my job and I’m going to get a job if I’m good .If I’m not good, I will do something else with my life.

“Team Affairs”

Currently, Bouchard is enjoying himself with a 22-5-2 rocket. Before he became personally motivated, the coach wanted to underline the work of his players, but also his assistants Daniel Jacob and Marco Marciano.

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“This is a story team affair,” the head coach said. I believe in what I do with the band now. As I said before, I have no insecurities or doubts on this side. I’m happy when my friends win the National League, I’m happy for everyone. “

Remember the racket players?

While looking forward to jumping into the NHL as a coach one day, Bouchard said CH would call on some racket players for the end of the season for his club in the American League on May 17th.

“For the National League team, there will always be a team to help in the playoffs, the ‘Black Aces’ in general, he noted. This year, there is currently a reserve squad. [avec le CH]. To find out what the Canadian decides, Mark [Bergevin] And Dominic [Ducharme] They’re going to do what needs to be done, but we have guys who have given good performances this year. ”


Great valueless trophy

Without making the playoffs in the American Hockey League, Laval Rocket would not have had the chance to fight for the Calder Cup. Instead, the team will eventually be awarded the Frank Mathers Trophy for their dominance in the Canadian division.

“I don’t even know,” admitted Rocket Joel Bouchard’s head coach about the trophy.

This season, marked by COVID-19, Bouchard comforted himself differently, meaning that many of his players saw progress in this brief campaign.

“Actually we’re all focused on winning all the games,” he said, adding that by the end of the season, with only seven games to play, the team’s goals.

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Among the players, striker Alex Belgile joined in coaching.

“The lack of a playoff is definitely disappointing, but it’s postponed, knowing that the American League has more to do with player development. The way we play and the great potential with our team.”

“We are all hockey players and we all want to do our best,” Belgile added. This year, even if there are no fans, no playoffs, we can all get something by looking good. “