June 26, 2022

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Mercato Lol: Rejoin the arrow wildcard gaming

Mercato Lol: Rejoin the arrow wildcard gaming

After more than a year without a team and having received his green card, Korean competitor Arrow LC returns to North America as part of the amateur team wildcard gaming, aiming to prove himself at the LCS Proving Grounds.

He is now a North American resident

In the interview given At Inven Global, Katie Rolster and former Immortals boutender Noah “Arrow” Dong-hyun have announced their return to the North American league, as part of the Wildcard Gaming Squad, te amateur team. Participant in the league. Under the LCS Academy and who will definitely compete for the LCS Proving Grounds Season 2021 Summer Split.

Officially a free agent since February 2020, Arrow has not played an official match since the end of Summer Split 2019, although he played for optic gaming alongside the Crown and the Bigs; The lineup, which was overseen by Jaboutin at the time, advanced to the playoffs quarterfinals with a 3-0 lead over counter logic gaming. In the 2019/2020 off-season, Optic Gaming changed its name to Immortals; Arrow remained a member of the team for a while, but with the status quo. In February 2020, Arrow left this structure and began a new chapter in his career, this time as a YouTuber and content creator.

In his interview, Arrow said he was waiting to earn his green card to obtain permanent resident status and avoid occupying the import slot in LCS. Believing he could continue as a professional player, he decided to postpone his military service and get another chance to play in the League of Legends on a professional level. By obtaining permanent residence, he can postpone entering the military, but the process is not so easy.

I first applied for my green card 3-4 years ago, my interview was scheduled after I left when I was in optic gaming. If I had passed the interview, I would have gotten my green card, but suddenly COVID-19 came and the United States Embassy in Seoul closed its doors. The pandemic stopped everything. In addition, Trump has anti-immigration policies and the chances of getting a green card are even thinner. I supported Biden in the presidential election. I never watch the news, but I watch this election with great interest. Luckily for me, Biden was elected and he relaxed anti-immigration policies. In March, I received an email for an interview. I went to the interview in April, now I have my green card.

Since the residence status was in hand and he no longer occupied the import slot, Arrow thought he would receive a lot of offers to join the LCS or academic team, but it was not so. So he finally chose to join Wildcard Gaming, which includes 2 former players who previously played in the LCS production, Luke “Teamlook” Vasikovsky (CLG Academy) and James “Panda” Ding (Eco Fox), a lineup that needs to be redesigned more for the summer.

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I wanted to continue as a player, but had no options. Specifically, the best options are not available to me. Although it’s not LCS, I may have a chance if I prove it right there […] If I win the Proving Grounds I may have a chance next year. Of course, that opportunity may not present itself, but since I have this opportunity, I want to do my part. I have to prove myself at the Proving Grounds this year.