May 18, 2022

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Rotten Tomatoes | Citizen Cane reduced to 99%

Rotten Tomatoes |  Citizen Cane reduced to 99%

Long has always been considered a great film, Citizen Kane Orson Welles recently lost his Perfect rating, dropping 100% to 99% movie review approval on the aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

Andre DuchesneAndre Duchesne

The reason? An update of the Moderate Review, published May 7, 1941 Chicago Tribune. The author, May Tiny, refuses to agree with some of his colleagues’ exclamations, in which he plays the lead role of Orson Welles, above competition.

“It’s an interesting, different film,” she wrote. It’s a weird enough image to turn into a museum piece. But extremeness places too much emphasis on simplicity, which undermines the quality of the film and loses everything that could have been entertaining. “(Translation: The world)

Photo from Rotten Tomatoes website

Criticism of Chicago Tribune.

Sur Rotten Tomatoes, Citizen Kane Now 115 out of 116 have a good review score, 99% of the total. Before he now … Paddington2 As the best film of all time.

Note, still on the Rotten Tomatoes site‌, the number of public reviews gives a score of 90% to over 100,000 views.

In his defense, say it Citizen Kane Introduced in 1989 National Register of Immortal Films maintained by the United States Library of Congress. It was introduced within the first year that this register existed Casablanca, Star Wars, Sunset Boulevard, The Wizard of Oz And other big names in American cinema.

Finally, keep that image in mind Monk David Fincher, who won two Academy Awards in the technical categories at the Oscar gala on Sunday, and film screenwriter Herman J. Tells the story of Monkievich.

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