May 23, 2022

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Doug Ford breaks 8 days of silence and gives a defensive press briefing

Doug Ford breaks 8 days of silence and gives a defensive press briefing

He did not make new announcements at the press conference less than usual, but instead got the chance to repeat the important messages he often conveyed during his speeches. Boundaries, Variations and Sick Holiday Program – Mr. Ford revisited themes discussed over the weeks.

The variations that led to our devastating third wave are coming into our province‌ as the border measures are very weak. We will never prosper if we cannot prevent them from entering the country, He hit from the courtyard of his last mother’s house, Ontario’s premiere will be alone Since he tested positive for his teammate COVID-19, with whom he had a close relationship.

He called Ottawa again Strengthen the boundaries at the land boundary, Citing the prevalence of variations of anxiety.

Boundaries are within federal jurisdiction, but if I have the authority, I will close Pearson Airport immediately and close all land boundary crossings unless absolutely necessary.

A quote from:Doug Ford, Ontario Premier

I will do everything in my power to prevent the vaccine resistant variant from entering the country and bringing a fourth wave with itCanadian public health officials have not yet reported on the variant, Ford said.

According to Doug Ford, further infectious and viral variants of the coronavirus currently account for more than 90% of new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario.

Former Minister Phillips’ case has risen to the surface

Premier Ford traveled to the Caribbean in 2020 to ask questions about its former finance minister, Rod Phillips, as the government asked all Antarians to stay away from unnecessary travel.

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Mr. Phillips on December 31st The minister resigned In the wake of the scandal.

Rod Phillips at a press conference at Pearson Airport.

Former Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport on December 31. Mr Phillips has been replaced by current Ontario Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvi.

Photo: CBC / CP24

However, emails received by the CBC indicate that the Doug Ford team learned on December 4 that the former minister was not in Canadian territory.

I tell you, no one told me he was leaving the country, Doug defended Ford on Friday.

When I found out, I brought it up with the media, and if there was one thing I could change, it was when [Rod Phillips] Should have called me and told me to come back immediately, Ontario Premiere added.

With Mr. Phillips Doug Ford returning to the cabinet, the Prime Minister was clear in his response.

I will not discuss the cabinet shuffle with anyone, He he said.

Some details on sick leave and long-term care report

During sick leave, reporters asked Doug Ford to explain why 10 days of paid sick leave was not included in his new bill, which was recommended by the Ontario Science Advisory Group to deal with COVID-19.

In response, Mr. Ford thanked the Scientific Advisory Group for accepting the recommendations, but preferred CEO Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of the Province, along with Ontario Hospitals.

Mr. Ford also answered questions Ontario Commission of Inquiry Report on COVID-19 in long-term care homes. The commission investigated how and why the virus destroyed long-term care homes and what steps were taken to prevent its spread.

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Head of NPD Ontario Andrea Horvath urged the government to release the full report. Doug Ford spoke briefly about long-term care homes on Friday. He called out what had happened Tragic and terrible Before saying This will never happen again.

Report Finally revealed Friday night.

With information from CBC News