March 24, 2023

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Montreal’s least vaccinated area | Tap

Montreal's least vaccinated area |  Tap

Despite the high doses on the island, Montreal has the lowest vaccination rate in the state. The high urban consciousness of the region and the average age of its population is the opinion of experts.

Lee CarrierLee Carrier

Pierre-Andre NormandinPierre-Andre Normandin

In the vaccination race, the island of Montreal did not advance much longer. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), 617,000 Montreals received at least 29.9% of the first-dose vaccine or metropolitan population. This is much lower than the regional average of 35.2%.

For Roxanne Borges da Silva, professor of public health at the University of Montreal, diverting doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the metropolis is essential. “This is very important because the island of Montreal is the responsibility of the entire metropolitan area,” Mr said.To me Borges da Silva.

She explains that due to the urban dynamism of the greater Montreal area, the dose should meet the needs not only of the Montreal population, but also of the northern and southern suburbs. The MSSS reports that no less than 785,000 doses were given on the island. Therefore, one of the five doses administered on the island will not be given to the Montrealler.

We may think that health workers in Montreal organizations have been vaccinated at an establishment operating in Montreal, but do not live in Montreal.

Mary Gway, Professor of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Sherbrook

Areas bordering Montreal vaccinate more people than the doses given in their territory. In Monterogy, only 501,000 people are being vaccinated. However, health officials in the area reported giving 466,000 doses. Similar differences can be observed in Laurentians and Lanadier. It should be noted that Laval has practically vaccinated more people.

Young population

Another factor involved is that the average age of the Montreal population as a whole is less than that of Quebec, which may explain some of the disparities in vaccine coverage in different regions. In Montreal, the average age is 38.7 years, compared to 42.7 years in the whole province, according to the latest data from the Institute de la Statistics du Quebec.

It often happens that vaccine clinics in Montreal find themselves with free time slots because there are not many people in this age group.

Roxanne Borges da Silva, Professor of School of Public Health at the University of Montreal

Earlier in April, the MSSS diverted tens of thousands of doses of vaccines intended for Montreal to seven areas, severely damaged by the third wave, among them Tois and Capital-National. OmTo me Borges da Silva thinks the same logic applies to a metropolis suffering from a tournament deficit. “Right now, the Montreals are losing,” she laments.

At the time of writing, questions from MSSS have not been answered Tap About it.

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